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Where Are Quay Sunglasses Sold

Where Are Quay Sunglasses Sold


Where Are Quay Sunglasses Sold: Quay sunglasses have become more than just eye protection; they’re a fashion statement that embodies individuality and style. As the popularity of these trendy eyewear pieces continues to rise, the question of where to find and purchase Quay sunglasses becomes increasingly relevant. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your sunglasses collection or searching for the perfect pair to complement your unique aesthetic, understanding where Quay sunglasses are sold is a key step in your fashion journey.

Quay’s distinctive designs blend fashion-forward concepts with innovative eyewear technology, making them a sought-after choice for those who wish to stand out from the crowd. From iconic aviators to bold cat-eye frames, each pair captures a blend of contemporary trends and timeless charm. However, the accessibility of these sunglasses relies on knowing the right locations to explore.

This comprehensive guide delves into the diverse avenues through which you can acquire Quay sunglasses. From upscale boutiques to renowned department stores and online platforms, you’ll uncover a range of options that cater to different preferences and shopping experiences. As you embark on this journey to discover where Quay sunglasses are available, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions that align with your fashion vision, enhancing your personal style and elevating your eyewear game.

Where Are Quay Sunglasses Sold

What country is Quay sunglasses from?

Quay Australia

Founded in 2004 and based in San Francisco, California, Quay Australia sells sunglasses around the world. The company’s website states that the brand was “born roadside on the Australian festival circuit” and aims to “create cool, affordable sunnies to stand out in a crowd.”

Quay sunglasses, often stylized as “QUAY Australia,” is an Australian eyewear brand known for its trendy and fashion-forward sunglass designs. The brand was founded in 2004 by Allen and Linda Hammond in Melbourne, Australia. Quay quickly gained popularity for its distinctive and affordable sunglasses that cater to a wide range of styles and trends.

The brand’s name “Quay” is derived from the word “key,” symbolizing its mission to unlock self-expression and individuality through eyewear. Quay sunglasses are celebrated for their innovative designs, playful colors, and versatility, making them a favorite among fashion-conscious individuals seeking stylish and on-trend eyewear options.

Since its establishment, Quay Australia has expanded its global reach and garnered a significant following, including numerous celebrities and influencers. While the brand originated in Australia, its popularity has transcended international borders, making Quay sunglasses a sought-after accessory in many parts of the world.

Are Quay sunglasses made in China?

From dramatically oversized aviators to edgy fashion sunnies, Quay Australia has become a favorite for individuals with FEARLESS STYLE, a carefree attitude and fresh perspective. The frames are made in China.

Yes, Quay sunglasses are known to be manufactured in China. Like many fashion brands, Quay Australia outsources its manufacturing to various countries, including China, where a significant portion of eyewear production takes place due to cost-effective manufacturing processes and skilled craftsmanship. The brand maintains strict quality control standards to ensure that the sunglasses meet their design and quality expectations.

It’s worth noting that manufacturing in China doesn’t necessarily reflect negatively on the quality of the products. Many reputable and well-known brands choose to manufacture in China because of the country’s expertise in producing a wide range of products, including eyewear, at competitive prices. Quay’s popularity and success are a testament to their ability to deliver stylish and fashionable sunglasses to customers worldwide, regardless of their manufacturing location.

Why is QUAY so popular?

Quay makes high-style sunglasses at an affordable price. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2004 by Linda and Allen Hammond, Quay (pronounced “kee”) makes both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses that are fashion-forward, fun, and most importantly, affordable.

QUAY Australia’s popularity can be attributed to several key factors that have contributed to its rise as a sought-after eyewear brand:

Trendy Designs: QUAY consistently offers sunglasses that align with the latest fashion trends. Their designs cater to a wide range of styles, from classic to edgy, appealing to a diverse audience seeking stylish eyewear.

Affordability: While maintaining a fashionable image, QUAY sunglasses are relatively affordable compared to some high-end designer brands. This accessibility allows customers to stay on-trend without breaking the bank.

Celebrity Endorsement: QUAY’s sunglasses have been embraced by celebrities and influencers worldwide. Their partnership with well-known figures in the fashion and entertainment industry has amplified their visibility and appeal.

Versatility: The brand offers a diverse selection of frames, colors, and lens options, catering to different face shapes and preferences. This versatility allows customers to find sunglasses that suit their individual style.

Social Media Presence: QUAY has effectively leveraged social media platforms to connect with their target audience, showcasing their products and engaging with fans. This online presence has helped spread their brand awareness globally.

Collaborations: The brand has successfully collaborated with influencers, celebrities, and other brands to create limited-edition collections. These collaborations generate excitement and buzz, attracting attention from a wider audience.

Innovative Marketing: QUAY’s marketing strategies focus on showcasing their sunglasses as a key accessory to complete any outfit, aligning with current fashion trends and encouraging customers to express their individuality.

How can you tell if Quay sunglasses are real?

Authentic sunglasses come in a branded box. A label with a bar code and manufacturer information should be on the bottom of the box. Some type of guarantee booklet, information booklet, or certificate of authenticity should also be in the box.

To determine if Quay sunglasses are genuine and not counterfeit, consider the following steps:

Purchase from Authorized Retailers: Buy from official QUAY Australia retailers, their official website, or reputable department stores to ensure authenticity.

Check Quality and Packaging: Genuine QUAY sunglasses are well-crafted with quality materials. Inspect the build, hinges, and logo placement. The packaging should also be of high quality, with no signs of tampering.

Logo and Branding: Look for the correct spelling of “QUAY Australia” on the frame and packaging. Check for consistent and clear logo placement.

Lenses and UV Protection: Authentic QUAY sunglasses offer UV protection. Check for labels indicating UV protection and polarization (if applicable).

Serial Numbers: Some authentic QUAY sunglasses come with a serial number on the inside of the frame or on the arm.

Hologram Sticker: Some models feature a holographic authenticity label on the lens or packaging. Tilt the label to see if the hologram shifts.

Customer Reviews: Research customer reviews and feedback on the specific model you’re interested in. Counterfeit products might have inconsistencies or poor customer satisfaction.

Price: If the price seems too good to be true, it could be a red flag for counterfeits. Authentic QUAY sunglasses are typically priced in line with their quality and brand reputation.

Where Are Quay Sunglasses Sold

What are the various retail channels for purchasing Quay sunglasses?

Purchasing Quay sunglasses offers a multitude of retail channels, catering to diverse shopping preferences and accessibility. One of the primary avenues is through Quay’s own official website, where you can explore their complete range of eyewear options, including their latest collections and collaborations. Additionally, major online fashion retailers and marketplaces often feature an extensive selection of Quay sunglasses, providing convenient access to a wide audience.

For those who prefer a hands-on shopping experience, brick-and-mortar stores offer the allure of trying on Quay sunglasses before making a purchase. High-end department stores frequently showcase Quay eyewear, making it possible to peruse the collection in person and receive personalized assistance from staff.

Furthermore, specialty eyewear boutiques often curate a unique assortment of designer sunglasses, including Quay’s signature styles. These boutiques offer a distinct atmosphere for discovering and selecting eyewear that aligns with your fashion sensibilities.

International customers need not be excluded from the Quay phenomenon. Many international retailers and online platforms stock Quay sunglasses, ensuring that fashion enthusiasts around the world can indulge in the brand’s iconic designs.

Which brick-and-mortar stores offer Quay sunglasses for fashion enthusiasts?

Brick-and-mortar stores play a pivotal role in bringing the allure of Quay sunglasses to life for fashion enthusiasts seeking a tactile shopping experience. Major department stores are often at the forefront of featuring Quay sunglasses, providing an avenue for individuals to explore the brand’s eclectic range of eyewear in person.

Renowned retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s are known to carry a diverse selection of Quay sunglasses in their eyewear departments. These stores curate an array of styles, from classic aviators to avant-garde designs, catering to a broad spectrum of fashion preferences.

Additionally, specialty eyewear boutiques can be treasure troves for Quay aficionados. These boutique establishments, known for their expertise in eyewear trends and styling, often curate a unique selection of Quay sunglasses that appeal to discerning customers seeking distinctive designs.

The allure of these brick-and-mortar stores lies in the opportunity to try on Quay sunglasses before making a purchase. The hands-on experience allows individuals to assess fit, style compatibility, and overall aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the chosen pair perfectly complements their unique look.

For those who appreciate the tangible exploration of fashion, these stores offer a gateway to the world of Quay sunglasses, creating a fusion of style and retail engagement that captures the essence of the brand’s aesthetic diversity and individual expression.

Are Quay sunglasses available for purchase exclusively online?

Yes, Quay sunglasses are indeed available for purchase exclusively online, offering a convenient and comprehensive platform for fashion enthusiasts to explore and acquire their preferred styles. Quay’s official website serves as a hub for their entire range of eyewear, presenting customers with a diverse array of designs, collections, and collaborations that capture the brand’s signature fusion of fashion-forward trends and innovative eyewear technology.

The online platform enables customers to browse through the latest releases, iconic designs, and limited-edition collaborations from the comfort of their own space. This digital storefront provides detailed product information, including images, specifications, and customer reviews, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

Moreover, Quay often offers online exclusives that may not be available in physical stores, providing an added incentive for customers to explore their online offerings. The website’s user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and efficient shipping services ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide.

While Quay sunglasses are available for purchase through various retailers and department stores, the brand’s online presence remains a significant avenue for direct engagement with their distinctive eyewear offerings. Embracing the digital realm, Quay’s online exclusivity allows fashion enthusiasts to effortlessly infuse their personal style with the brand’s trendsetting designs, fostering an intimate connection between fashion and technology.

Can I find Quay sunglasses at major department stores?

Quay sunglasses have secured a prominent presence in major department stores, providing fashion enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore and acquire their desired eyewear styles in physical retail spaces. Recognized names in the retail landscape, such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s, frequently showcase a curated selection of Quay sunglasses within their expansive eyewear departments.

These major department stores often serve as fashion destinations, offering a diverse range of styles to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes. Within their eyewear sections, you’ll likely find an array of Quay sunglasses that encapsulate the brand’s fusion of trendy designs and innovative craftsmanship.

The advantage of shopping for Quay sunglasses in these physical stores lies in the ability to try on the sunglasses before making a purchase. This tactile experience allows customers to assess not only the aesthetics but also the fit and comfort of the sunglasses, ensuring a satisfying shopping outcome.

By collaborating with major department stores, Quay extends its reach to a broader audience, providing the opportunity for individuals to engage with the brand’s aesthetic and find sunglasses that resonate with their personal style. Whether you’re seeking classic aviators or cutting-edge cat-eye frames, major department stores offer a convenient avenue to explore Quay’s diverse and fashionable eyewear collection.

Where Are Quay Sunglasses Sold


In the dynamic realm of fashion, Quay sunglasses stand as a testament to individual expression and style evolution. As this exploration into where Quay sunglasses are sold comes to a close, it becomes evident that the accessibility of these iconic eyewear pieces is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

From the convenience of online platforms, where Quay’s official website offers an extensive array of designs and collaborations, to the charm of brick-and-mortar stores, including major department stores and specialty boutiques, the avenues for acquiring Quay sunglasses cater to diverse shopping preferences. Each channel offers a unique experience, be it the immediacy of online shopping or the tactile engagement of in-person browsing.

The availability of Quay sunglasses in renowned department stores highlights the brand’s recognition and relevance within the broader fashion landscape. These retail giants provide a canvas for fashion enthusiasts to explore, try on, and select sunglasses that resonate with their unique style sensibilities.

Whether you choose to embrace the digital realm or revel in the ambiance of a physical store, the journey to find Quay sunglasses ultimately becomes a celebration of individuality, fashion innovation, and the remarkable ways in which a single accessory can transform an ensemble. As you embark on the path to discovering the perfect pair of Quay sunglasses, you become a part of a style narrative that captures the essence of trends, authenticity, and timeless elegance.


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