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How To Wear A Fascinator With Netting

How To Wear A Fascinator With Netting


How To Wear A Fascinator With Netting – A fascinator with netting is a chic and stylish accessory that can elevate any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a formal event, or a day at the races, knowing how to wear a fascinator with netting can enhance your overall look and make a statement. The delicate netting adds an extra layer of allure, making it a popular choice for those seeking a blend of traditional charm and modern fashion.

To wear a fascinator with netting gracefully, start by selecting a fascinator that complements the style and color of your outfit. Consider the event and your personal taste when choosing the fascinator’s design, size, and shape. The netting should align with your hairstyle, providing a harmonious balance.

When placing the fascinator on your head, ensure it sits comfortably and securely. Position it slightly to the side or at a tilt, adding a playful and flattering dimension to your appearance. Adjust the netting to fall gracefully over your face, framing your features delicately.

Mastering the art of wearing a fascinator with netting involves a blend of fashion sense and confidence. With the right fascinator choice and a few styling tips, you’ll be ready to make a fashionable statement at any event.

How To Wear A Fascinator With Netting

How do you wear a fascinator with short hair?

Smaller fascinators on clips can usually be positioned anywhere you like and will work well with shorter hairstyles. It is more fashionable to wear it at an angle on either the left side or right side of the head depending on your preference.

Wearing a fascinator with short hair can be equally chic and charming, allowing you to showcase this elegant accessory with flair. Start by choosing a fascinator that suits the length and texture of your short hair. Opt for smaller fascinators or those with minimalist designs to complement the proportions of your hairstyle. 

When placing the fascinator, position it at an angle that flatters your face and works well with your hair’s natural volume. If your short hair allows, consider creating a slight tousle or soft waves to add dimension and create a lovely backdrop for the fascinator. Alternatively, you can part your hair to the side or style it neatly to one side, providing an ideal foundation for securing the fascinator securely. 

To affix the fascinator firmly, using bobby pins or a comb, ensuring it remains in place and adds a delightful touch to your overall look. Experiment with different styles and find what suits your unique aesthetic, allowing you to confidently wear a fascinator and rock your short hair at any event.

How do you wear a large fascinator with your hair?

Straight down-do. Wear your hair set and straightened, or very lightly waved to gain an elegant, glamorous look. If you’re wearing a stylish mother of the bride half-hat or larger fascinator, this simple but effective hairstyle will match it perfectly.

Wearing a large fascinator can make a bold and captivating statement, adding drama and elegance to your ensemble. To wear a large fascinator with your hair, consider the size and style of the fascinator in relation to your hair. If you have long or medium-length hair, you have the versatility to style it in a variety of ways to accommodate the size of the fascinator.

One popular approach is to create an updo, such as a bun or a chignon, which provides a secure and stylish base for the fascinator. This allows the fascinator to sit prominently atop your head, showcasing its design and embellishments. You can also style your hair in loose curls or waves, allowing the fascinator to nestle within the cascading locks, creating a whimsical and romantic look.

When attaching the fascinator, ensure it is positioned comfortably on your head and tilted slightly to one side for a fashionable and flattering effect. Use hairpins or combs to secure it firmly to your hair, providing stability and preventing any unwarranted movement.

Confidence is key when wearing a large fascinator. Embrace its size and the attention it may garner, allowing yourself to exude grace and poise as you showcase this eye-catching accessory. Experiment with different hairstyles and fascinator placements to find the perfect combination that complements both your features and the design of the fascinator, allowing you to confidently and elegantly wear a large fascinator for any special occasion.

Where do you wear a fascinator hat?

Fascinators are usually worn on the right side of the head. This is a historical tradition originating from when women always stood on the right side of a man as his sword was always carried on the left. Therefore, women’s hats tilted to the to the right so that it wouldn’t shield her face from him.

A fascinator hat is a versatile and stylish accessory suitable for various formal and semi-formal occasions. Traditionally, fascinator hats were a popular choice for events such as weddings, horse races, garden parties, and formal ceremonies. However, their contemporary appeal has expanded to a wider range of events, including cocktail parties, galas, fashion events, and even some upscale evening affairs.

For formal events like weddings or horse racing events, fascinator hats are often a prominent accessory, particularly in the UK and other parts of the world. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance to women’s attire, especially when paired with dresses or tailored outfits. Depending on the event’s dress code and personal style, fascinator hats can vary in size, design, and embellishments, allowing for a customized and fashionable look.

In less formal or semi-formal settings like garden parties or afternoon teas, fascinator hats can be a delightful choice to elevate your outfit while embracing a festive or celebratory atmosphere. They’re also increasingly seen at high-end social gatherings, fashion events, and charity galas, where attendees showcase their fashion-forward choices.

The appropriate occasion to wear a fascinator hat depends on the event’s formality, your personal style, and the cultural norms of the location. Whether it’s a classic wedding, a lively horse racing event, or a glamorous evening gala, a fascinator hat can enhance your outfit, exuding grace and sophistication while making a fashionable statement.

How do you wear a fascinator with glasses?

If you have a longer or thinner face, a spherical or disc-shaped fascinator looks best. Avoid headbands and complexity if you wear glasses. Since headbands are secured behind the ears and so are glasses, those with glasses will feel more secure and comfortable wearing elastic securing fascinators.

Wearing a fascinator with glasses can create a sophisticated and charming look, blending both fashion and function seamlessly. To achieve a harmonious balance, consider the size and style of both the fascinator and your glasses. Opt for a fascinator that complements the shape and color of your frames. If your glasses have a bold design or vibrant color, you might want to choose a fascinator that enhances rather than competes with them.

Positioning is key when wearing a fascinator with glasses. Ensure that the fascinator is placed slightly to the side or at an angle that allows it to frame your face while accommodating your glasses comfortably. This positioning will allow your glasses to remain secure and not interfere with the fascinator’s placement.

You may want to adjust your hairstyle accordingly to accommodate both the fascinator and your glasses. Styles like low buns, side-swept curls, or neatly pinned updos can work well, allowing the fascinator to sit elegantly while allowing your glasses to rest comfortably on your ears and nose.

To wear your glasses in a way that complements the overall look. Make sure they’re clean, and the frames are appropriately adjusted for a snug and comfortable fit. The right fascinator paired with well-maintained glasses can enhance your facial features, giving you a confident and stylish look for any event.

Wearing a fascinator with glasses is about finding the perfect balance between these accessories, ensuring they enhance your overall appearance and highlight your unique style. Experiment with different styles and combinations to discover what suits you best and allows you to confidently flaunt your fashion-forward ensemble.

How To Wear A Fascinator With Netting

How can you choose the right fascinator that complements both your outfit and the netting for a cohesive look?

Selecting the ideal fascinator that harmonizes with both your outfit and the incorporated netting involves considering several important factors. Firstly, assess the overall theme and color scheme of your attire. The fascinator should complement and enhance these elements, either by matching or providing a subtle contrast that accentuates the outfit’s features.

Consider the event or occasion you’re attending and the level of formality it demands. A fascinator with netting can add an elegant touch, but the style should align with the event’s tone. Opt for a more elaborate fascinator for formal gatherings, and choose a simpler design for semi-casual or casual events.

Think about the netting incorporated into the fascinator. It should seamlessly blend with the overall design and complement your hairstyle. Delicate netting can create a softer and more romantic look, while bolder netting can add drama and flair. Ensure that the netting’s color and texture complement your hair color and style.

Consider the size and shape of the fascinator in relation to your face shape and outfit. The fascinator should balance and harmonize with your features while complementing the proportions of your outfit. A fascinator that is too large or too small can disrupt the overall cohesion of your look.

Lastly, trust your instincts and choose a fascinator that resonates with your personal style. It should make you feel confident and enhance your overall look, allowing you to radiate elegance and poise at any event. Experiment with different options and seek feedback to find the perfect fascinator that achieves a cohesive and polished ensemble.

What are some tips for positioning a fascinator with netting to achieve an attractive and stylish tilt on the head?

Positioning a fascinator with netting in a way that achieves an attractive and stylish tilt on the head is key to enhancing your overall look. To begin, find the perfect placement by identifying the side of your head that best complements your hairstyle and facial features. Typically, positioning the fascinator slightly to one side or at a diagonal angle creates a flattering tilt, adding a touch of sophistication.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal side, ensure that the fascinator is secure and properly anchored. Use hairpins or combs to fasten it in place, making sure it sits comfortably and doesn’t feel too tight or loose. Adjust the netting gently to fall gracefully over your face, framing your features without overshadowing them.

Consider your hair’s natural volume and texture when positioning the fascinator. If you have voluminous hair, you may need to position the fascinator slightly higher to achieve the desired tilt. For those with finer hair, placing the fascinator a bit lower can help create a flattering angle.

Experiment with the angle of tilt to find what works best for you. Tilt it more or less to achieve the level of drama or subtlety that complements your outfit and the occasion. Don’t hesitate to step back and assess the overall look in a mirror to ensure you’re achieving the desired effect.

Lastly, embrace confidence in how you wear the fascinator. Own the style and tilt you’ve chosen, and carry yourself with grace and poise. The tilt of the fascinator should enhance your confidence, making you feel poised and sophisticated as you rock this stylish accessory at any event.

In what ways can you harmonize your hairstyle with the fascinator and netting for a well-coordinated ensemble?

Achieving a well-coordinated ensemble involves seamlessly blending your hairstyle with the fascinator and netting. To harmonize your hairstyle with this accessory, consider factors such as the fascinator’s design, the event you’re attending, and your personal style.

For a fascinator with netting, an updo is a classic and elegant choice that allows the netting to drape gracefully. Styles like a sleek bun, chignon, or a twisted updo create a beautiful backdrop, allowing the netting to frame your face delicately. Ensure the updo is positioned to allow the fascinator to sit securely and at a flattering angle.

If you prefer wearing your hair down, loose curls or waves can complement the fascinator, especially if the netting cascades over your locks. Soft, romantic waves or tousled curls provide a charming and effortless look that pairs well with the delicate nature of netting.

Consider incorporating hair accessories that complement the fascinator, such as decorative pins, clips, or combs. These can add an extra touch of elegance and help secure the fascinator in place while enhancing the overall cohesiveness of your hairstyle.

Hair color and texture play a crucial role in achieving harmony. Consider how the color of your hair complements the fascinator and netting, ensuring they blend seamlessly. For example, lighter hair shades can complement darker netting, while darker hair can provide a beautiful contrast against lighter netting.

The key is to find a hairstyle that complements the fascinator’s design and showcases the netting in a flattering manner. Experiment with different hairstyles and pairings to achieve a cohesive, well-coordinated look that highlights the beauty of the fascinator and enhances your overall ensemble.

How can you ensure that the fascinator stays securely in place, especially with the delicate netting, throughout the event?

Ensuring your fascinator stays securely in place throughout an event, especially with delicate netting, involves careful placement and the right securing techniques. Begin by choosing a well-fitting fascinator that suits your head size and shape; this will provide a good foundation for stability.

When positioning the fascinator, opt for a slightly tilted or angled placement that complements your hairstyle and facial features. Secure the fascinator with the help of hairpins, combs, or a headband. Slide the combs or pins through the base of the fascinator and into your hair, ensuring they grip firmly and anchor the fascinator securely.

Strategically insert the hairpins or combs into your hairstyle, catching onto the hair underneath the fascinator and anchoring it to your head. If you have a thick or voluminous hairstyle, you may need to use more pins to ensure a snug fit.

Consider using a lightweight hairspray or hair gel to set your hairstyle and provide extra grip for the fascinator. Spray or apply the product sparingly to avoid any damage to the fascinator or netting.

Regularly check the positioning and security of the fascinator throughout the event. If needed, discreetly adjust and reposition it to maintain the desired look. Avoid excessive touching or fidgeting with the fascinator, as this could compromise its stability.

Lastly, embrace confidence in wearing your fascinator. Move and carry yourself gracefully to minimize any potential movement of the fascinator. With these precautions and a bit of attention, you can ensure that your fascinator with delicate netting stays securely in place, allowing you to enjoy the event with poise and style.

How To Wear A Fascinator With Netting


Wearing a fascinator with netting is an art that combines style, elegance, and individuality to create a sophisticated look. This delicate accessory adds a touch of allure and whimsy to any ensemble, making it a popular choice for various formal occasions. By following some simple guidelines and infusing your own creativity, you can effortlessly master the art of donning a fascinator with netting, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Selecting the right fascinator is the foundation of a stunning look. Pay attention to the overall design, color, and size of the fascinator to ensure it harmonizes with your outfit and complements your features. The netting should be a seamless extension, enhancing your allure while showcasing a subtle, intriguing beauty.

Positioning the fascinator is crucial for a graceful appearance. Gently place it on your head, slightly tilted or to the side for a playful and attractive effect. Allow the netting to drape elegantly, framing your face in a flattering manner. This positioning will accentuate your hairstyle and overall look.

Harmonizing your hairstyle with the fascinator and netting is the final touch. Experiment with various hairstyles to find the perfect match. An updo can provide a sleek backdrop for the fascinator, while loose curls or waves can create a soft, romantic look. Be sure to secure your fascinator firmly, ensuring it stays in place throughout the event.


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