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How To Make Ice Lanterns

How To Make Ice Lanterns


How To Make Ice Lanterns: Ice lanterns, also known as ice luminaries, are enchanting and captivating decorations that add a touch of magic to winter celebrations and outdoor gatherings. Crafting these beautiful luminous sculptures is a delightful and rewarding activity that can bring joy to both the creator and the spectators alike. The mesmerizing glow emanating from within the frozen walls of an ice lantern creates an ethereal ambiance, transforming any winter night into a fairy tale setting.

How To Make Ice Lanterns

Creating ice lanterns is an age-old tradition that has been passed down through generations in regions with cold, wintry climates. The process is relatively simple, requiring just a few basic materials and a dash of creativity. Yet, the end result is truly a breathtaking masterpiece that can infuse warmth and wonder into the chilliest of evenings.

We will walk you through the step-by-step process of making your own ice lanterns. From selecting the appropriate molds and preparing the freezing environment to incorporating decorative elements that add a personal touch, you will discover the secrets to crafting these delightful luminaries with ease.

How do you make homemade ice lanterns?

Fill a small plastic cup with water and put inside a larger plastic container. Fill large plastic containers with water. As an options, add evergreen sprigs and/or berries to water to add some color and texture. Carefully put inside a freezer (or outside if temperatures are below freezing.)

To make homemade ice lanterns, begin by selecting suitable containers or molds in various shapes and sizes. Plastic buckets or large silicone molds work well for this purpose. Fill the molds partially with water and add decorative elements like pinecones, cranberries, or small branches to create unique patterns inside the lanterns.

Place the molds outdoors or in a freezer with the tops uncovered. Allow the water to freeze partially, then insert a smaller container or weighted object into the center to create a cavity for the candle. Fill the mold with more water and let it freeze completely.

Once fully frozen, remove the ice lantern from the mold by briefly dipping it in warm water. This will loosen the ice and ease its removal. Insert a tea light or a small candle into the cavity and light it up. Witness the captivating glow of your homemade ice lantern, bringing a magical ambiance to winter evenings and festivities. Remember to handle ice with care and exercise caution when using candles to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

How long do ice lanterns last?

about 6 hours

How long do ice lanterns last? Our ice lanterns (with one candle burning in them) will generally last the evening… about 6 hours. Using an electric candle with less heat may keep your lantern from melting as fast. But, the indoor temperature will melt them regardless.

The longevity of ice lanterns depends on various factors, such as the ambient temperature, the thickness of the ice, and the type of candle used. Generally, ice lanterns can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

In moderate winter temperatures, with temperatures hovering around freezing point, ice lanterns can maintain their form and luminosity for approximately 4 to 6 hours. In colder climates with sub-freezing temperatures, they can endure for an extended period, often lasting up to 12 hours or more.

Thicker ice lanterns tend to last longer as they take longer to melt. Additionally, using larger candles or votives that produce less heat can help prolong the lantern’s life.

How do you make ice lanterns with balloons?

Fill the balloon with water, blow a small puff of air in and tie it off. Then, set it either outside or in the freezer. The goal is to leave the balloon in the cold long enough for ice to form and take shape, but before it freezes solid.

Making ice lanterns with balloons is a fun and straightforward process that yields stunning results. To create these captivating luminaries, first, gather clean, round balloons in various sizes. Fill each balloon with water, leaving some room for expansion, and tie the ends securely. For added flair, consider adding a few drops of food coloring to the water for a tinted effect.

Place the filled balloons outdoors in a freezing environment, such as a deep freezer or outside in cold winter temperatures. Allow the water inside the balloons to freeze completely, which usually takes several hours or overnight, depending on the temperature.

Once fully frozen, carefully remove the balloons by snipping off the tied ends or gently peeling away the balloon material. The ice shell that remains will have a hollow center. To create a cavity for the candle, briefly place the ice shell in warm water to melt a small opening.

How do you make colored ice lanterns?

If you’ve ever made ice chalk before, then you’ll be familiar with this technique. I just mixed water with food coloring and cornstarch in a silicone mold, and then put those blocks into an empty milk carton to form these colorful lanterns!

Making colored ice lanterns is a delightful way to add a vibrant and festive touch to your winter decorations. To create these colorful luminaries, start by selecting the containers or molds you wish to use for shaping the ice lanterns. Plastic containers, silicone molds, or even bundt pans work well for this purpose.

Add water to the molds and mix in food coloring of your desired hue. The more food coloring you use, the more vibrant the color of the ice will be. You can also experiment with different color combinations to achieve unique effects.

Add decorative elements like flowers, berries, or small leaves to the water before freezing. This will create beautiful patterns within the ice lantern.

Place the molds outdoors or in a freezer and allow the water to freeze completely. Once frozen, remove the ice lantern from the mold, create a cavity for the candle, and insert a tea light or small candle.

How To Make Ice Lanterns

What materials are needed to create ice lanterns, and how can they be sourced?

To create ice lanterns, you will need several essential materials, most of which are easily sourced from your home or local stores. Firstly, you’ll require clean, sturdy containers or molds of various shapes and sizes. These could be plastic or silicone molds, empty milk cartons, or even balloons. Additionally, you’ll need access to water, which can be obtained from a tap or water dispenser.

For the freezing process, you’ll need a freezer or a location with sub-freezing temperatures. During winter, an outdoor environment can be ideal for natural freezing, but indoor freezers work just as well. If you plan to make multiple lanterns, ensure you have enough freezer space to accommodate them all.

To add a touch of enchantment to your ice lanterns, consider incorporating decorative elements. These could include small LED lights, twigs, berries, or even flower petals frozen within the ice.

Sourcing these materials is quite straightforward. Household containers, water, and access to a freezer are usually readily available. If you don’t have suitable molds, craft stores or online retailers often stock a variety of shapes and sizes. Decorative elements can be found in your garden, local florist, or craft shops.

What are the step-by-step instructions for making ice lanterns, including the freezing process and proper handling of the ice?

Creating ice lanterns can be a delightful winter craft project. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own enchanting ice lanterns:

Prepare the Molds: Select clean and sturdy molds of various shapes and sizes. Common choices include plastic or silicone molds, empty milk cartons, or balloons. Ensure the molds are clean and dry before proceeding.

Add Decorative Elements: To enhance the beauty of your ice lanterns, add decorative elements like small LED lights, twigs, berries, or flower petals into the molds. Arrange them in a visually pleasing manner, as they will become part of the final design.

Fill with Water: Carefully fill the molds with water, covering the decorative elements. Leave some space at the top to account for water expansion during freezing. If using balloons, avoid overfilling to maintain a spherical shape.

Freezing Process: Place the filled molds in a location with sub-freezing temperatures, either outdoors during winter or inside a freezer. Allow the water to freeze completely. The freezing time may vary depending on the size of the molds and the temperature.

Demolding with Care: Once the water is frozen solid, remove the ice lanterns from the molds. For plastic or silicone molds, gently flex or use warm water to loosen the ice. For balloons, snip off the rubber and carefully remove it to reveal the ice globe.

How can you ensure the safety of the ice lanterns when using them outdoors or near flammable materials?

Ensuring the safety of ice lanterns when using them outdoors or near flammable materials is of utmost importance to prevent accidents and maintain a delightful winter ambiance. Here are some essential safety measures to follow:

Use Battery-Operated Lights: Instead of traditional candles, opt for battery-operated tea lights or LED lights. These eliminate the risk of open flames, reducing the chance of accidental fires or melting of the ice lanterns.

Sturdy Base: When placing the ice lanterns outdoors, ensure they sit on a stable and flat surface. Avoid placing them directly on wooden decks, as the melting ice can cause water damage.

Secure Placement: If displaying ice lanterns on a pedestal or stand, make sure they are firmly secured to prevent accidental tipping, especially in windy conditions.

Keep Away from Flammable Objects: Position the ice lanterns at a safe distance from flammable materials like curtains, plants, or dry leaves. The low temperatures of ice lanterns can make it easy to overlook the potential fire hazard.

Monitor Temperature: In extremely cold temperatures, monitor the ice lanterns for cracks or signs of structural weakness. Extremely low temperatures can make the ice more brittle, increasing the risk of breakage.

Are there any creative variations or additional embellishments that can be added to enhance the appearance of the ice lanterns?

There are numerous creative variations and embellishments you can add to make your ice lanterns even more captivating and unique. Here are some ideas to enhance their appearance:

Colorful Additions: Add a pop of color to your ice lanterns by incorporating food coloring or natural dyes into the water before freezing. This can create stunning, colorful effects when the lanterns are illuminated.

Embedded Objects: Freeze small decorative objects like pinecones, small toys, or seashells into the ice to create interesting textures and themes. Ensure these objects are clean and will not release any harmful substances into the water.

Layered Ice: Create multi-layered ice lanterns by freezing water in stages, adding decorative elements or different colored water between each layer. This will give your lanterns a dynamic and visually appealing look.

Glitter or Sparkles: Sprinkle a touch of edible glitter or craft sparkles into the water before freezing to add a magical shimmer to your ice lanterns.

Citrus Slices or Berries: Freeze thin slices of citrus fruits or berries into the ice to create a natural and aromatic touch to your lanterns.

How To Make Ice Lanterns


Making ice lanterns is a delightful and imaginative winter craft that brings a touch of magic to the cold season. These enchanting creations, with their captivating glow and intricate designs, can transform outdoor spaces and gatherings into mesmerizing wonderlands. By following the step-by-step instructions and safety measures, you can create these icy masterpieces while ensuring the safety of your loved ones and surroundings.

The beauty of ice lanterns lies not only in their simplicity but also in the endless creative possibilities they offer. From colorful additions and embedded objects to layered ice and glittery touches, you can customize your ice lanterns to match any theme or occasion. With each creation, you have the opportunity to infuse a bit of your personality and artistic flair, making every lantern a truly unique piece of frozen art.

The process of making ice lanterns is not only enjoyable but also a great activity to share with family and friends. Engaging in this winter craft together can foster a sense of togetherness and create cherished memories, especially during the holiday season.


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