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How To Keep Window Wreaths From Blowing

How To Keep Window Wreaths From Blowing


How To Keep Window Wreaths From Blowing: Decorating your windows with wreaths is a charming way to usher in the holiday spirit or add a touch of seasonal beauty to your home’s exterior. However, one common challenge many homeowners face is how to keep window wreaths from blowing away in windy conditions. The last thing you want is for your carefully arranged wreaths to end up scattered across your yard or street.

We will explore practical and creative strategies to ensure that your window wreaths remain securely in place, no matter how blustery the weather may be. Whether you’re hanging wreaths for the holidays, celebrating a special occasion, or simply enhancing your home’s curb appeal, these techniques will help you enjoy your window decorations without the worry of them being blown away.

From sturdy hanging methods and weather-resistant materials to innovative DIY solutions, we’ll cover a range of approaches that cater to various window styles and environmental factors. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to keep your window wreaths firmly anchored, allowing you to delight in their beauty throughout the season and maintain a festive and inviting atmosphere at your home’s entrance.

How To Keep Window Wreaths From Blowing

How do you secure a wreath on a window?

Twist a screw hook into the top and bottom siding of your window. Hang your wreath from the top hook. Tie fishing line from the bottom of the wreath to the lower hook, ensuring it’s tight to keep the wreath in place.

Securing a wreath on a window is a straightforward process, and there are several methods you can choose from depending on your preference and the type of wreath you have:

Suction Cups with Hooks: Suction cups equipped with hooks are an excellent choice for attaching wreaths to windows. Clean the window surface and the suction cup to ensure a strong bond. Moisten the cup slightly, press it firmly onto the window, and then hang the wreath from the attached hook.

Adhesive Hooks or Clips: You can use adhesive hooks or clips designed for windows to hang wreaths. Ensure the window surface is clean and dry before applying the hook or clip. Once in place, hang the wreath by its ribbon or wire.

Command Hooks: Command hooks are a removable adhesive hook option. Choose a Command hook suitable for the weight of your wreath, attach it following the package instructions, and hang the wreath from the hook.

Wreath Hanger: Specialized wreath hangers that fit over the top of the window frame or the window sill are available. Simply place the hanger in position, then hang your wreath from it.

Magnetic Hooks: If you have a metal-framed window, magnetic hooks can be a convenient option. These hooks adhere to the metal frame, allowing you to hang the wreath from them.

Tension Rod: For windows with curtains or drapes, you can place a tension rod within the window frame at the desired height and hang the wreath from it using a ribbon or wire looped over the rod.

How do I keep my door wreath from blowing away?

If you have a door knocker you can simply hook your wreath over it. The ‘knocker’ part will hold it in place and stop the wind from blowing it off, and it requires no effort whatsoever. This will only work if you have a hanging loop on your wreath, as all of my designs do.

Preventing your door wreath from blowing away can be achieved with a few practical methods:

Use a Sturdy Hanger: Start by using a sturdy wreath hanger or hook that securely attaches to your door. These are designed to hold the wreath firmly in place and reduce the risk of it being blown away.

Choose a Sheltered Location: If possible, position your wreath on a door that is protected from strong winds by an overhang, porch, or recessed entryway. This will provide natural shelter and reduce wind exposure.

Double Up with Ribbon: Attach the wreath to the door using a strong ribbon or twine in addition to the wreath hanger. Loop the ribbon around the wreath and secure it to the hook. This provides an extra layer of protection against gusty winds.

Hot Glue or Floral Wire: If your wreath has lightweight or loose elements that are prone to blowing away, consider using hot glue or floral wire to secure them more firmly to the wreath’s frame.

Wreath Suction Cups: Wreath suction cups with hooks can be placed on the inside of the door’s glass to provide additional stability.

Weatherproof Adhesive Strips: Use weather-resistant adhesive strips, such as outdoor double-sided tape, to secure the back of the wreath to the door. Ensure it’s rated for outdoor use.

Protective Covering: If you’re expecting particularly strong winds or inclement weather, consider covering the wreath with a clear plastic or mesh protective covering that allows it to remain visible while shielding it from the elements.

Remove in Extreme Conditions: In severe weather conditions, it’s a good idea to temporarily remove the wreath to prevent damage to both the wreath and your door.

How do you keep a wreath on a glass door?

There are different ways to hang a wreath on glass. If you want to hang a wreath on glass, I will use a suction hook or self adhesive hooks. A self adhesive command hook can hold more weight and work better for a heavy wreath.

Keeping a wreath on a glass door can be a bit trickier due to the smooth surface, but it’s certainly doable with the right methods:

Wreath Hanger with Suction Cups: Use a wreath hanger equipped with suction cups designed for glass surfaces. Ensure the glass is clean and dry, moisten the suction cups slightly, press them firmly against the glass at the desired height, and hang your wreath from the hook.

Command Hooks for Glass: Command hooks also come in variants designed for glass. Clean the glass thoroughly, apply the hook following the package instructions, and hang the wreath from it.

Adhesive Hooks and Clear Fishing Line: Apply clear adhesive hooks to the glass, and then use clear fishing line to hang the wreath. The fishing line will be less noticeable than traditional ribbon.

Wreath Hanger with Adjustable Length: Some wreath hangers have an adjustable length. You can extend it to reach both sides of the glass door frame, providing more stability.

Double-Sided Suction Cups: Use double-sided suction cups to adhere the wreath directly to the glass. Attach one side to the wreath frame and the other to the glass. This method is best for lightweight wreaths.

Secure with Clear Tape: For lightweight wreaths, clear weather-resistant tape can be used to attach the wreath directly to the glass. Make sure the tape is strong enough to hold the wreath securely.

How do you secure a wreath from thieves?

Make it harder to steal your wreath!

So what I choose to do is use a small cable tie to secure my wreath onto the hook. Making it that little bit harder to lift off and take means it’s less interesting for opportunistic festive thieves!

Securing a wreath from thieves primarily involves making it less accessible and deterring potential theft. Here are several strategies to help protect your wreath:

Use a Locking Wreath Hanger: Invest in a wreath hanger with a built-in lock or combination lock. This type of hanger prevents easy removal of the wreath by unauthorized individuals.

Security Cameras: Install security cameras near your front door or entryway. Visible cameras can deter thieves, as they are less likely to attempt theft if they know they’re being recorded.

Motion-Activated Lights: Install motion-activated lights around your front door. These lights can startle potential thieves and make them more visible to security cameras.

Secure with Wire or Cable: Use clear fishing line or thin wire to secure the wreath to the hanger or hook. This makes it more challenging for thieves to simply grab and run with the wreath.

Locking Window or Door: If your wreath is displayed behind glass, ensure your doors and windows are locked when you’re away from home. Locking doors provide an extra layer of protection.

Remove Valuable Wreaths: If your wreath is particularly valuable or sentimental, consider removing it when you’re not at home or replacing it with a less valuable one when you’re away for an extended period.

Neighborhood Watch: Join or establish a neighborhood watch program to look out for each other’s property and report any suspicious activity promptly.

Community Awareness: Raise awareness within your community about wreath thefts by sharing information and encouraging vigilance.

How To Keep Window Wreaths From Blowing

What are the best materials for wind-resistant window wreaths?

Choosing wind-resistant materials for your window wreaths is crucial to ensure they stay securely in place, even during gusty weather. Here are some of the best materials to consider:

Wire Frames: Opt for wire wreath frames made of sturdy metal like steel. These frames provide a solid structure that can withstand wind and maintain the wreath’s shape.

Weather-Resistant Ribbon: When attaching your wreath to the window frame, use weather-resistant ribbon. Look for options made from materials like nylon or polyester, as they are less likely to degrade in wet or windy conditions.

Artificial Foliage: Choose artificial foliage made from durable materials like plastic or PVC. These materials are less susceptible to damage from wind and moisture compared to natural materials.

Wire or Zip Ties: Secure your wreath to the window frame with strong wire or zip ties. These provide a robust hold and can withstand wind without breaking.

Command Hooks with Outdoor Strips: If you prefer hanging your wreath indoors, use outdoor-rated Command hooks with strong adhesive strips. These hooks can hold a surprising amount of weight and are designed for exterior use.

UV-Resistant Paint: If your wreath incorporates painted elements, use UV-resistant paint to prevent fading and deterioration from sun exposure, which can make the wreath more susceptible to wind damage over time.

Glue and Sealants: Ensure all components of your wreath, including decorations and attachments, are securely glued and sealed. This helps prevent pieces from coming loose during windy conditions.

How can I secure window wreaths without damaging my windows?

Securing window wreaths without damaging your windows is achievable with careful consideration and the right techniques. Here’s how:

Command Hooks with Outdoor Strips: Use outdoor-rated Command hooks with adhesive strips. Attach the hooks to the top of your window frame, ensuring they are clean and dry before application. These hooks can hold a substantial amount of weight and can be easily removed without leaving residue or damage.

Suction Cups with Hooks: Invest in large, high-quality suction cups with hooks designed for outdoor use. Clean the window surface thoroughly before applying the cups, and moisten the cup’s rim for better suction. These cups can hold lightweight wreaths securely without harming the window.

Tension Rods: If your window has a recessed area or an exterior sill, consider using tension rods. Adjust the rod to fit snugly within the window frame, and then hang your wreath from it. Tension rods provide stability without the need for adhesives or hooks.

Magnetic Hooks: If your window frames are metal, magnetic hooks can be an excellent choice. Simply attach the hook to the metal frame, and it will hold your wreath securely. Be sure to choose hooks with protective coatings to prevent scratches.

Adjustable Wreath Hangers: Invest in adjustable wreath hangers designed to fit over the top of your window frame. These hangers can hold wreaths without the need for hooks or adhesives, and they can be easily adjusted to accommodate different window sizes.

Wreath Holders with Suction Cups: Look for wreath holders specifically designed for windows, which often come with suction cups. These holders provide a stable platform for your wreath without causing damage to the window.

Do weather conditions affect the choice of window wreath fasteners?

Yes, weather conditions play a significant role in determining the appropriate choice of window wreath fasteners. The specific weather conditions in your area, such as wind, rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations, can impact the effectiveness and durability of your chosen fasteners. Here’s how different weather conditions should influence your decision:

Wind: In windy regions, it’s essential to choose secure fasteners that can withstand gusts without dislodging the wreath. Options like Command hooks with strong adhesive or suction cups with robust holding power are suitable choices.

Rain and Humidity: If your area experiences frequent rain or high humidity, opt for fasteners and wreath materials that are weather-resistant. Ensure that adhesives or hooks are designed for outdoor use and won’t deteriorate when exposed to moisture.

Temperature Fluctuations: Extreme temperature variations, especially freezing temperatures, can affect the performance of adhesives. Consider using mechanical fasteners like tension rods or wreath holders with suction cups, which are less temperature-sensitive.

Sun Exposure: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can weaken adhesives and fade wreath materials. UV-resistant wreath components and fasteners with UV protection can help maintain the wreath’s integrity.

Seasonal Changes: Keep in mind that weather conditions can vary seasonally. If you change your wreaths according to seasons, ensure that your fasteners are versatile and suitable for different weather conditions throughout the year.

Are there alternatives to traditional hanging methods for securing window wreaths?

Yes, there are several alternative methods to traditional hanging for securing window wreaths, offering creative and effective ways to display your decorations without using hooks or adhesive. Here are some innovative options:

Tension Rods: Place adjustable tension rods inside your window frame, and hang your wreath from them. This method works well if your window has a recessed area or exterior sill, and it doesn’t require any adhesives or hooks.

Wreath Suction Cups: Invest in wreath suction cup holders designed specifically for windows. These cups come with hooks for wreath attachment and create a secure hold on your window’s glass or frame without damaging the surface.

Magnetic Hooks: If your window frames are metal, consider using magnetic hooks. These hooks can be attached to the metal surface and provide a stable hanging point for your wreaths. Look for magnetic hooks with protective coatings to prevent scratches.

Adjustable Wreath Hangers: Adjustable wreath hangers are designed to fit over the top of your window frame and come with hooks for wreath attachment. They can accommodate different window sizes and provide a secure hanging point without using adhesives.

Window Ledge Display: If your window has a wide sill, consider placing your wreath directly on the ledge. Secure it by adding decorative elements like seasonal figurines, rocks, or floral arrangements to keep it in place.

Curtain Rods: For windows with curtains, use the existing curtain rod to hang your wreath. Attach decorative ribbons to your wreath and drape them over the curtain rod for an elegant look.

How To Keep Window Wreaths From Blowing


Keeping your window wreaths secure against the forces of nature, especially wind, is not only a practical necessity but also an opportunity to showcase your creative flair. Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored various techniques and solutions to ensure your window wreaths stay in place, enhancing your home’s aesthetics and ambiance.

The choice of fasteners, whether they are adhesive hooks, suction cups, tension rods, or innovative alternatives, should be tailored to your specific needs and the prevailing weather conditions in your area. By considering the elements and the materials you use for your wreaths, you can achieve a balance between functionality and decorum.

Each season brings its own charm and unique demands, so adaptability in your fastening methods is key. By doing so, you can enjoy the seasonal beauty of your window wreaths without the worry of them blowing away or causing damage to your windows.

The art of securing window wreaths is a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetics, allowing you to celebrate every season and occasion with creativity and confidence. With the knowledge and tools gained from this guide, you’re well-equipped to maintain your festive and inviting window displays, adding a touch of warmth and charm to your home year-round.


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