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How To Hang Curtains Over Outside Mount Blinds

How To Hang Curtains Over Outside Mount Blinds


How To Hang Curtains Over Outside Mount Blinds: Embarking on the journey of hanging curtains over outside mount blinds opens up a realm of design possibilities that blend functionality with aesthetic finesse. Outside mount blinds, positioned above the window frame, offer practical light control and privacy while also presenting an opportunity to elevate your interior decor through creative curtain integration.

Unlike the conventional inside mount blinds, which sit within the window frame, outside mount blinds require a distinct approach when it comes to combining them with curtains. The challenge lies in achieving a harmonious balance between the two, ensuring that your window treatment doesn’t just serve its purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space.

In this guide, we’ll delve into strategies that enable you to seamlessly hang curtains over outside mount blinds. From choosing the right curtain length and hardware to aligning the visual weight of both elements, every detail will contribute to a polished and sophisticated result. By blending the practicality of outside mount blinds with the softness and texture of curtains, you’ll transform your windows into captivating focal points that reflect your design sensibilities.

As we explore the intricacies of this process, you’ll discover the art of achieving a cohesive and visually pleasing outcome that marries form and function. With each step, you’ll inch closer to creating a window treatment that not only transcends its utilitarian purpose but also becomes a signature element of your decor narrative.

How To Hang Curtains Over Outside Mount Blinds

Can you put curtains over outside mount blinds?

Curtains can generally be hung with either inside and outside mount blinds and shades. Hang the blind or shade first in the desired position if it’s not already part of the room scheme.

Yes, you can definitely put curtains over outside mount blinds to achieve an attractive and layered window treatment. Outside mount blinds are installed on the wall or window frame, leaving ample space for curtains to be added above them.

To achieve this look, install a curtain rod above the outside mount blinds, making sure it’s level and securely anchored. Choose curtains that complement your blinds and room decor. When hanging curtains over outside mount blinds, make sure they are wide enough to cover the entire window area, including the blinds.

Position the curtains on either side of the window frame to frame the blinds. This creates a balanced and stylish appearance. You can also use curtain tiebacks to hold the curtains to the sides when you want to allow more light in.

The combination of curtains and outside mount blinds offers practical benefits by allowing you to control light levels and privacy. The layered look adds depth and texture to your window area while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room.

Hanging curtains over outside mount blinds is a great way to create an appealing and functional window treatment. It offers versatility in design and functionality, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds for your window decor.

How do you hang curtains over outdoor mount shades?

If mounted inside the frame, you can use either a curtain rod mounted above or in front of the frame or a track on the ceiling. If the blinds are mounted outside the window, you will have to use a curtain rod on the wall above the window frame or a track on the ceiling.

Hanging curtains over outside mount shades is similar to hanging them over outside mount blinds. Start by installing a curtain rod above the outdoor mount shades, ensuring it’s level and securely mounted to the wall or window frame. Make sure the curtain rod is positioned high enough to avoid obstructing the shades when they are raised or lowered.

Choose curtains that complement the shades and the overall outdoor space decor. Opt for curtains that are wider than the window to fully cover the window area and the shades. Hang the curtains on the curtain rod using hooks, rings, or clips.

Position the curtains on either side of the window to frame the shades. This layered look adds depth, style, and functionality to your outdoor space. If you want to enjoy more natural light or an unobstructed view, you can use tiebacks to hold the curtains to the sides.

The combination of curtains and outdoor mount shades allows you to control light, privacy, and aesthetics. It enhances the outdoor area’s ambiance by providing an inviting and stylish look while still offering the practical benefits of shades.

Hanging curtains over outside mount shades involves installing a curtain rod above the shades, selecting appropriate curtains, and positioning them to create a balanced and visually appealing window treatment for your outdoor space.

Why use outside mount blinds?

Covers More of Your Window for Fuller Coverage & Light Blocking. Extending beyond the window frame, outside mount blinds and shades will cover old, damaged, or unattractive trim for a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Outside mount blinds offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for window treatments. One primary benefit is their ability to enhance the visual aesthetics of a room. By being mounted on the exterior of the window frame, these blinds can create an illusion of larger windows and add a sense of grandeur to the space.

Outside mount blinds are also effective for covering windows with irregular or unattractive frames, as they extend beyond the window area. They provide better light control and privacy since they can cover the entire window when closed. This feature is particularly useful in bedrooms and spaces that require optimal light management.

Additionally, outside mount blinds allow for easy installation, especially when dealing with windows with minimal depth or obstructions. They can be fitted over architectural features, such as molding, without obstructing their appearance. Moreover, outside mount blinds can help insulate the room by covering a larger surface area, thus reducing heat and light penetration during hot weather.

Outside mount blinds are chosen for their aesthetic appeal, improved light control and privacy, flexibility in covering irregular windows, and ease of installation. They provide an opportunity to enhance both the functionality and style of a room, making them a versatile choice for various spaces.

What is the easiest way to hang outdoor curtains?

Curtain rods are the easiest method for hanging. After measuring your outdoor space and deciding where you want to hang your curtains, choose the kind of rod you want to use. Drapery rods can be mounted into wood with hardware. Your patio or deck covering is an ideal choice for this type of installation.

The easiest way to hang outdoor curtains is by using a combination of curtain rods and hooks specifically designed for outdoor use. Follow these steps for a straightforward installation:

Choose Suitable Hardware: Opt for weather-resistant curtain rods and hooks made from materials like stainless steel, rust-resistant metal, or durable plastic. These materials are designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Measure and Position: Measure the width and height of the area you want to cover with curtains. Install the curtain rods at a height that complements the space and provides the desired coverage.

Install Curtain Rods: Use appropriate brackets or mounts to attach the curtain rods to a stable surface, such as a wall, post, or pergola. Make sure the rods are level and securely fixed.

Attach Outdoor Curtains: Outdoor curtains are usually equipped with grommets, tabs, or loops for easy hanging. Slide the curtains onto the curtain rods through these openings.

Secure with Hooks: Attach weather-resistant hooks to the ends of the curtain rod to prevent the curtains from sliding off due to wind or movement. Hooks can also help keep the curtains neatly positioned.

Adjust and Tie Back: Once the curtains are hung, adjust their positioning and tie them back if desired. Use outdoor-friendly tiebacks to hold the curtains in place when not in use.

By choosing the right outdoor-friendly hardware and following these steps, you can easily hang outdoor curtains to create a stylish and functional outdoor space while ensuring they remain secure and resistant to the elements.

How To Hang Curtains Over Outside Mount Blinds

What’s the best curtain length to complement outside mount blinds?

The ideal curtain length to complement outside mount blinds depends on achieving a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. When considering curtain length, keep these factors in mind to achieve a polished look:

Overlap and Coverage: Opt for curtains that extend slightly beyond the window frame. This ensures that when the curtains are closed, they fully cover the blinds and block any light gaps.

Floor Grazing or Puddling: Choose curtains that graze the floor for a sleek and tailored appearance. Alternatively, for a luxurious touch, consider curtains that puddle slightly on the floor.

Clearance: Ensure the curtains don’t drag on the floor. Leave a small gap between the curtain hem and the floor to prevent fraying and maintain a tidy look.

Visual Balance: Create visual harmony by aligning the curtain length with adjacent furnishings, like sofas or tables. This cohesive length offers a sense of continuity in your decor.

Personal Preference: Consider your personal style and the room’s ambiance. Curtains that slightly pool on the floor can evoke a romantic or traditional vibe, while those that graze the floor lend a more contemporary feel.

Thoughtfully selecting curtain lengths that offer adequate coverage, coordinate with your room’s decor, and reflect your aesthetic preferences, you’ll achieve a cohesive and visually pleasing window treatment. This approach transforms the interaction between outside mount blinds and curtains into an elegant and functional feature that elevates your living space.

How do I choose curtain hardware that works with outside mount blinds?

Selecting curtain hardware that harmonizes seamlessly with outside mount blinds is essential for a polished and cohesive window treatment. Consider the following steps to ensure compatibility and an aesthetically pleasing result:

Matching Finishes: Coordinate the finish of your curtain hardware with the finish of your outside mount blinds. Whether it’s brushed nickel, bronze, or another option, matching finishes create visual unity.

Complementary Styles: Choose curtain rods and brackets that complement the overall style of your outside mount blinds. If the blinds have a modern appearance, opt for sleek and minimalistic hardware. For a more traditional look, consider ornate or decorative hardware.

Rod Thickness: The thickness of the curtain rod should complement the scale of your window and the blinds. A thicker rod can add visual weight, while a slender rod provides a more delicate touch.

Adjustable Hardware: Opt for adjustable curtain rods if your outside mount blinds are mounted higher than usual. This ensures the curtains hang appropriately and can be adjusted to accommodate varying window heights.

Brackets and Clearance: Ensure the curtain brackets allow enough clearance for the blinds to operate smoothly. The brackets shouldn’t obstruct the blinds’ movement or create unnecessary visual clutter.

Cohesive Look: Achieve a cohesive appearance by matching the curtain rings or clips with the chosen curtain rod. This unifies the hardware elements and creates a well-integrated look.

Functionality: Consider how easily the curtains will open and close around the blinds. Choose curtain hardware that facilitates smooth movement and doesn’t hinder the blinds’ operation.

Meticulously considering these factors, you’ll successfully choose curtain hardware that complements your outside mount blinds while elevating your decor. The resulting fusion of practicality and aesthetics will create a unified and visually captivating window treatment that enhances your living space.

Are there specific curtain styles that blend well with outside mount blinds?

Indeed, certain curtain styles harmonize exceptionally well with outside mount blinds, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing window treatment. Consider these curtain styles that complement the clean lines and practicality of outside mount blinds:

Grommet Curtains: The contemporary appeal of grommet curtains pairs seamlessly with outside mount blinds. Their sleek, streamlined design complements the modern aesthetic while allowing easy movement along the rod.

Tab Top Curtains: Tab top curtains offer a casual yet stylish look that aligns well with the practicality of outside mount blinds. The visible tabs add a decorative touch while maintaining an uncluttered appearance.

Pinch Pleat Curtains: Elegant and timeless, pinch pleat curtains bring a touch of sophistication to your space. Their structured pleats add visual interest, complementing the neat lines of outside mount blinds.

Pencil Pleat Curtains: Pencil pleat curtains, with their uniform gathers, create a graceful drape that enhances the understated charm of outside mount blinds. This style adds a touch of elegance without overwhelming the space.

Eyelet Curtains: Eyelet curtains, with their metal-ringed openings, infuse a modern yet relaxed vibe that aligns well with the simplicity of outside mount blinds. They offer a casual and stylish look.

Sheer Curtains: Sheer curtains introduce an ethereal element to the window treatment. Their lightweight and airy appearance pairs well with outside mount blinds, allowing diffused light while maintaining privacy.

By embracing these styles, you create a harmonious window ensemble that enhances the practical advantages of blinds while introducing a touch of your design sensibilities.

How can I prevent light gaps when hanging curtains over outside mount blinds?

Preventing light gaps when hanging curtains over outside mount blinds is crucial for achieving both visual appeal and effective light control. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless curtain hang:

Measure Accurately: Measure the width of your window and outside mount blinds precisely. This information will guide you in selecting the right curtain width for full coverage.

Add Width Allowance: Choose curtains that are wider than the window frame to ensure they extend beyond the blinds. This added width prevents gaps that allow light to seep through.

Overlap Curtains: When closed, ensure the curtains overlap in the center. This overlap not only eliminates light gaps but also adds a touch of elegance to the window treatment.

Install Curtain Rods Wide: Mount the curtain rods wider than the window frame to accommodate the curtains’ extended width. This technique ensures complete coverage when the curtains are drawn.

Floor-Length Curtains: Opt for curtains that graze the floor or puddle slightly. Floor-length curtains prevent light from entering through the bottom, offering enhanced light control.

Mount High and Wide: Install the curtain rods higher than the window and wider than the outside mount blinds. This positioning ensures the curtains cover the blinds fully when drawn.

Use Blackout Liners: If complete darkness is desired, consider using blackout curtain liners. These liners are designed to block light and can be attached behind your curtains.

Considering these strategies, you’ll achieve a curtain hang that effectively blocks light gaps and provides optimal light control. The result will be a polished window treatment that not only enhances your decor but also maintains the functionality of your outside mount blinds.

How To Hang Curtains Over Outside Mount Blinds


Through the art of hanging curtains over outside mount blinds, you’ve unlocked the secrets to transforming practical window treatments into captivating design elements. This process isn’t just about hanging curtains; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of form and function that harmonizes beautifully.

By understanding the nuances of curtain length, selecting compatible hardware, and choosing curtain styles that complement outside mount blinds, you’ve mastered the delicate balance between practicality and aesthetics. Your windows now stand as a testament to your design prowess, reflecting a space that seamlessly marries light control with visual elegance.

The meticulous attention to preventing light gaps and ensuring complete coverage demonstrates your dedication to a refined and polished result. Your window treatment speaks volumes about your commitment to creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As you step back and admire the interplay between your curtains and outside mount blinds, take pride in the fact that you’ve curated an environment that encapsulates your design vision. Your home now radiates sophistication, showcasing your ability to transform a simple everyday element into a work of art. With this newfound expertise, you’ve enriched your living space and embarked on a journey of design excellence that will continue to inspire and delight.


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