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How To Fix Sunglasses Hinge

How To Fix Sunglasses Hinge


How To Fix Sunglasses Hinge: Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and add a touch of style to our everyday look. But, over time, even the most beloved pairs can fall victim to wear and tear, particularly when it comes to the hinges. The constant folding and unfolding of the frames, accidental drops, or just the natural course of time can lead to hinge problems.

Instead of discarding your favorite sunglasses and rushing to buy a new pair, there’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution at your fingertips: repairing the hinge. Fixing your sunglasses hinges is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. With a few simple tools, a bit of patience, and the right guidance, you can restore your sunglasses to their former glory and extend their lifespan.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of repairing sunglasses hinges. You’ll learn how to identify the issue, gather the necessary tools, and execute the repair with precision. Whether your sunglasses have loose or broken hinges, or if you just want to perform preventive maintenance to ensure they last longer, we’ve got you covered. Join us on this journey to revive your sunglasses and enjoy clear, stylish vision under the sun once again.

How To Fix Sunglasses Hinge

Can you fix broken hinge on sunglasses?

Most glasses have metal hinges that are fused in and can be extracted and replaced with a new one. But some plastic frames are cast and are made entirely of their respective plastic material, hinges, and more. Almost every plastic frame can be repaired by expert technicians.

Fixing a broken hinge on sunglasses is a common eyewear repair that can save you from replacing a cherished pair of shades. The extent to which you can repair a broken hinge largely depends on the nature and severity of the damage. Here are some steps to consider:

Assessment: Examine the hinge to determine the type of damage. If it’s a loose screw, missing screw, or a minor alignment issue, you can often repair it yourself.

Gather Tools: For minor hinge repairs, you’ll need a small screwdriver set, replacement screws if necessary, and possibly superglue or epoxy.

Tighten Screws: If the hinge is loose due to a missing or loose screw, use a screwdriver to reattach or tighten it. Be careful not to overtighten, as it can strip the screw hole.

Realign the Hinge: If the hinge is misaligned, gently bend it back into the correct position. This should improve how the sunglasses fold.

Use Adhesives: For more severe damage, you may need to use epoxy or superglue to bond the broken hinge parts together. Make sure to follow the adhesive’s instructions and let it dry thoroughly.

Professional Help: If the hinge damage is extensive, or you’re unsure about the repair, it’s best to seek assistance from a professional eyewear repair service or an optician.

Keep in mind that not all hinge damage can be fully repaired, and in some cases, you may only be able to make temporary fixes. However, with the right tools and a gentle touch, you can often restore the functionality of your sunglasses and continue enjoying them for a longer time.

How do you fix arm on sunglasses?

Super Glue: If your glasses’ nose pads, arms or frames are loose or falling off, you can use a small dab of super glue to reattach them securely. Simply apply glue to the affected area, hold the pieces together firmly for a few minutes until the glue sets, and let it dry completely before using your glasses again.

Repairing a broken or detached arm on sunglasses can help you salvage a beloved pair of eyewear. The extent of the repair depends on the damage. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

1. Assess the Damage: Examine the sunglasses to determine the extent of the issue. If the arm is completely broken, it may be more challenging to repair.

2. Gather Tools: You will need small screwdrivers, replacement screws if necessary, epoxy or superglue, and possibly a small clamp.

3. Align the Parts: If the arm is partially detached, carefully align the broken parts to ensure a proper fit.

4. Use Adhesive: Apply epoxy or superglue to the broken area, making sure to coat both surfaces that will be bonded. Press the parts together firmly and hold them in place for a few minutes.

5. Secure with a Clamp: If needed, use a small clamp to keep the parts in place while the adhesive dries. Be cautious not to overtighten the clamp to avoid damaging the sunglasses.

6. Let it Dry: Allow the adhesive to cure as per the manufacturer’s instructions, typically for several hours or overnight.

7. Test and Adjust: Once the adhesive has dried, test the arm to ensure it’s securely reattached. If necessary, adjust the hinge screws for proper alignment.

While this method can often repair a broken arm on sunglasses, the strength of the bond may not be as robust as the original. In some cases, it’s a temporary fix, and professional repair or replacement may be the best long-term solution. This DIY approach can extend the life of your sunglasses and save you from having to buy a new pair.

Can you tighten hinges on sunglasses?

Look at the spot where your lens meets the arm of your frames and you will find a very small screw that allows for the arms to hinge. In your repair kit, you will find a screwdriver that is small enough to twist the screw in tight.

Yes, you can tighten the hinges on sunglasses, and it’s a straightforward DIY repair that can help restore your eyewear’s functionality. Here’s how to do it:


Examine your sunglasses to identify the loose hinge. Typically, there will be a small screw on the inside of the hinge.

Gather Tools:

You’ll need a small screwdriver set with the appropriate head size for the hinge screw.

Safety First:

Work on a clean, well-lit surface to avoid losing tiny screws.

Tightening the Hinge:

Using the screwdriver, gently turn the screw clockwise (right) to tighten it. Be cautious not to overtighten, as this can damage the hinge.

Test the Hinge:

After tightening the screw, test the hinge to ensure it’s secure and the sunglasses fold properly.

Check All Screws:

While you’re at it, it’s a good practice to check and tighten all hinge screws on both sides to prevent future issues.


Regularly inspect and tighten screws, especially after wearing your sunglasses for extended periods or if they become loose from use.

Tightening the hinges on your sunglasses is a quick and effective way to address wobbly or loose arms. It can extend the life of your eyewear and keep them comfortable to wear. If the hinge problem persists or the screws are damaged, consult a professional eyewear repair service or optician for further assistance.

Can super glue fix glasses hinge?

If you are very careful—yes—superglue can be used to repair frames. Commonly, lenses for glasses are now made of plastic, so if you are sloppy, you will ruin the lens. Another trick which worked for me, when I wore glasses, was to use a small drop of superglue on the heads of those tiny screws to keep them in place.

Yes, super glue can be used to fix glasses hinges, but it’s important to use it carefully and in the right circumstances. Here’s how you can use super glue to repair glasses hinges:

Assessment: Examine the glasses hinge to determine the extent of the damage. Super glue is best suited for minor repairs, such as reattaching small pieces that have come apart or bonding loose hinge parts.

Clean the Surface: Make sure the surfaces you intend to glue are clean and free of any dirt, grease, or debris. Use a gentle cleaning solution to ensure a proper bond.

Apply Super Glue: Apply a small amount of super glue to one of the surfaces you want to bond. Be very careful not to use too much, as excess glue can be messy and may damage the glasses if it seeps into unwanted areas.

Press and Hold: Carefully press the two surfaces together and hold them in place for a minute or two to allow the glue to set.

Allow to Dry: Give the super glue ample time to dry and cure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which usually recommend waiting at least an hour or more.

Test the Hinge: After the glue has dried, test the hinge to ensure it is secure and functioning properly.

Super glue can work for temporary fixes, but it may not be as durable as professional repairs or other adhesive options like epoxy specifically designed for eyewear. For long-lasting solutions, especially for more extensive hinge damage, it’s advisable to consult an optician or eyewear repair specialist.

What tools do I need to repair sunglasses hinges effectively?

Repairing sunglasses hinges effectively requires a few essential tools, including:

Small Screwdriver Set: You’ll need a precision screwdriver set with various head types (usually Phillips and flathead) to remove and secure screws in the hinge.

Needle-Nose Pliers: These can help you hold small parts securely and manipulate them during the repair process.

Replacement Hinge Screws: In some cases, you may need new screws to replace missing or damaged ones. Make sure to choose the right size for your sunglasses.

Epoxy or Superglue: These adhesives are useful for reattaching broken hinge parts, such as the hinge arm or hinge screw holes.

Magnifying Glass: A magnifying glass can be handy for a closer inspection and precision work, especially if you have small, delicate hinges.

Cleaning Cloth: To keep your sunglasses clean and free from debris while working on them.

Having these tools on hand will make the process of fixing sunglasses hinges smoother and more efficient. Be sure to work in a well-lit, clean area, and follow step-by-step instructions carefully to ensure a successful repair.

How To Fix Sunglasses Hinge

Can I fix sunglasses hinges without any prior experience in eyewear repair?

Yes, you can fix sunglasses hinges without prior experience in eyewear repair. Repairing sunglasses hinges is often a relatively straightforward process, and many common issues can be addressed with basic tools and some patience. Here are some general steps to help you get started:

Identify the Problem: Examine your sunglasses to determine what’s wrong with the hinge. It could be a loose screw, a broken hinge arm, or a damaged hinge screw hole.

Gather Tools: As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a small screwdriver set, needle-nose pliers, replacement screws (if necessary), epoxy or superglue, a magnifying glass, and a cleaning cloth.

Research and Guidance: Look for specific repair guides or tutorials online, often available in written or video format. These resources can provide step-by-step instructions for your particular sunglasses model or the type of hinge issue you’re facing.

Carefully Follow Instructions: Follow the repair instructions closely, paying attention to details and safety precautions. Take your time, and don’t rush the process.

Practice Patience: Eyewear repair can be delicate work, so be patient and gentle. If something isn’t going as planned, don’t force it; seek additional guidance or assistance.

Test Your Sunglasses: After the repair, test your sunglasses to ensure they function correctly and comfortably. Make any necessary adjustments as needed.

Keep in mind that while many hinge issues can be resolved by DIY enthusiasts, there may be more complex problems that require professional repair. If you’re uncomfortable with the process or if the sunglasses have sentimental or significant value, it’s wise to consult a professional eyewear repair service or an optician. However, for most common hinge problems, a little DIY effort can go a long way in extending the life of your sunglasses.

Are there common issues I should look for when identifying hinge problems in sunglasses?

Yes, there are several common hinge issues to look for when identifying problems in sunglasses. Here are some of the most prevalent problems you may encounter:

Loose Screws: Over time, the screws that hold the hinges together can become loose. This can cause the sunglasses to feel wobbly or the arms to detach from the frame.

Broken Hinge Arms: The hinge arms, which allow the sunglasses to fold, can break due to stress, impact, or wear and tear. A broken hinge arm will prevent the sunglasses from closing properly.

Damaged Screw Holes: The holes where the hinge screws attach can become stripped or damaged, making it challenging to secure the hinge properly.

Missing Screws: Sometimes, screws can fall out, leading to instability and misalignment of the hinges.

Rusty or Corroded Hinges: Exposure to moisture or salt can cause hinges to rust or corrode, making it difficult for the sunglasses to open and close smoothly.

Misaligned Hinges: Hinges may become misaligned, causing the sunglasses to sit unevenly on your face.

Stiff Hinges: If the hinges are difficult to open or close, it can be due to dirt or debris clogging the hinge mechanism.

Excessive Lateral Play: If the hinges allow the arms to move sideways excessively, it can lead to instability and discomfort.

Identifying the specific issue with your sunglasses’ hinges will help you determine the appropriate repair method. Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, you can then take the necessary steps to fix it, whether it involves tightening screws, repairing or replacing hinge arms, or addressing any other issues that may have arisen.

What are the best practices for preventing sunglasses hinge damage in the future?

Preventing sunglasses hinge damage is essential for extending the lifespan of your eyewear. Here are some best practices to keep your sunglasses in good condition:

Handle with Care: Treat your sunglasses gently, and avoid unnecessary rough handling. When taking them off, use both hands to avoid putting excessive stress on one side of the frame.

Use a Protective Case: Whenever you’re not wearing your sunglasses, keep them in a sturdy, protective case. This shields them from dust, dirt, and accidental damage.

Avoid Placing Face Down: When you set your sunglasses down, don’t place them face down on hard surfaces. This can prevent scratches and damage to the lenses and hinges.

Clean Regularly: Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the lenses and frames regularly. Avoid using abrasive materials or paper towels, which can scratch the lenses and damage the frames.

Check and Tighten Screws: Periodically inspect the hinge screws to ensure they are snug. If they become loose, tighten them carefully to maintain a secure fit.

Keep Away from Heat: Avoid exposing your sunglasses to excessive heat, such as leaving them in a hot car. High temperatures can warp frames and affect the integrity of the hinges.

Keep Away from Water: Sunglasses are not typically designed for water exposure, so avoid wearing them in the shower or when swimming. Water can damage the hinges and lenses.

Remove Them Properly: Take off your sunglasses by gripping both temples (the arms) and lifting them away from your face. Avoid pushing on the lenses or folding them one-handed.

Regular Maintenance: Consider getting periodic professional maintenance or adjustments from an optician to ensure the hinges remain in good condition.

Rotate Your Sunglasses: If you have multiple pairs of sunglasses, rotate their use to reduce wear on a single pair.

By following these best practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of sunglasses hinge damage and keep your eyewear in excellent condition for an extended period. This will not only save you money on replacements but also help you enjoy clear vision and stylish eyewear for longer.

How To Fix Sunglasses Hinge


Repairing sunglasses hinges is a practical and cost-effective way to breathe new life into your favorite eyewear. It’s a skill that anyone can acquire, even without prior experience in eyewear repair. By following the right guidance and utilizing basic tools, you can address common hinge issues and extend the longevity of your sunglasses.

That patience and attention to detail are key in this process. With careful diagnosis, proper tools, and step-by-step instructions, you can effectively mend loose screws, broken hinge arms, or other issues. Not only will this save you money on replacement sunglasses, but it’s also an eco-friendly choice, reducing the waste of discarded eyewear.

The satisfaction of bringing your sunglasses back to their former glory is worth the effort. So, the next time you encounter hinge problems in your sunglasses, don’t rush to buy a new pair – take a moment to explore the world of DIY eyewear repair, and give your shades a second chance to shine.


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