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How To Decorate Candle Holders

How To Decorate Candle Holders


How To Decorate Candle Holders: Candle holders are more than just functional accessories; they are the perfect canvas for adding a touch of elegance, warmth, and personality to your living spaces. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion, looking to spruce up your home decor, or simply seeking a relaxing ambiance, learning how to decorate candle holders can transform your space into a haven of charm and beauty.

We will explore a myriad of creative ways to adorn your candle holders, unleashing your inner artist and helping you craft captivating centerpieces and decorative accents. From simple yet stunning techniques using everyday items found around your home to more intricate and elaborate designs, there’s something for every style and skill level.

Discover the art of embellishing candle holders with beads, paint, twine, and various other materials, and learn how to match your decorations to different themes and seasons. Whether you prefer rustic, modern, vintage, or bohemian aesthetics, this guide will provide you with the inspiration and knowledge needed to elevate your candle holder decor game to new heights. Join us on this creative journey and infuse your living spaces with the warm, flickering glow of personalized candle holder masterpieces.

How To Decorate Candle Holders

How do you decorate a candle holder?

One of the favorite and easiest candleholder decorating ideas is to place a fluted votive cup holder into a small mouth canning jar. You can fill the jar with seasonal fillers like candy or birdseed. Use them singly or fill a canning jar lifter with them. We sold so many of these for Christmas at my former store!

Decorating a candle holder is a creative and enjoyable way to add a personal touch to your home decor or create thoughtful handmade gifts. Here are some steps to help you decorate a candle holder:

Choose Your Candle Holder: Start by selecting the type of candle holder you want to decorate. You can use glass votives, ceramic jars, wooden holders, or even recycled items like mason jars or wine bottles.

Clean and Prepare: Ensure that the surface of the candle holder is clean and dry. Remove any stickers or residue from the holder if necessary.

Select Your Decorative Elements: Decide on the theme or style you want for your candle holder. You can use various materials like paint, decoupage paper, fabric, beads, ribbons, or natural elements like twine, shells, or dried flowers.

Paint and Decorate: If you’re painting the holder, choose a color that complements your decor. Apply multiple coats if needed and let them dry between layers. For other materials, use glue or mod podge to attach your chosen elements securely.

Personalize: Add a personal touch by incorporating initials, quotes, or designs that have special meaning to you or the recipient.

Seal and Protect: Once your decoration is complete, consider sealing it with a clear varnish or sealant to protect it from wear and tear.

Insert the Candle: Finally, place a suitable candle inside the holder, ensuring it’s the right size and won’t pose a fire hazard.

Decorating candle holders allows you to express your creativity and customize your space. Whether you’re going for a rustic, elegant, or whimsical look, there are countless ways to adorn candle holders to suit your style and preferences.

What can you put on top of candle holders?

For instant decor – use a glue dot if needed to place a pumpkin, Christmas ornament or anything you like on top of a candle holder. Doing this makes the item more interesting and decorative.

You can put various decorative items on top of candle holders to enhance their aesthetic appeal and create beautiful centerpieces or decorative accents in your space. Here are some creative ideas for what you can place on top of candle holders:

Candles: The most common choice is, of course, more candles. Placing smaller candles on top of larger candle holders can create an elegant, tiered effect.

Flowers: Fresh flowers or artificial blooms can be arranged on top of candle holders, adding a touch of nature and color to your decor.

Greenery: Decorative leaves, vines, or succulents can be draped over candle holders for a botanical and organic look.

Bowl of Potpourri: A bowl filled with fragrant potpourri can sit atop a candle holder, releasing a pleasant scent when the candle below is lit.

Glass Globes or Hurricanes: Placing glass globes or hurricanes on top of candle holders not only looks stylish but also helps protect the flame from drafts.

Seashells: For a coastal or beach-themed decor, consider arranging seashells on top of your candle holders.

Mirrors: Small mirrors can create a reflective surface that amplifies the glow of candles, making your display even more captivating.

Crystals or Gemstones: Crystals and gemstones can add a touch of mystique and sparkle to your candle holders.

Seasonal Decor: Depending on the time of year, you can use seasonal items like pinecones, ornaments, or autumn leaves for festive decor.

Decorative Figurines: Tiny figurines or sculptures can be placed on top of candle holders to showcase your interests or hobbies.

To consider safety when decorating candle holders. Ensure that any items you place on top won’t catch fire or interfere with the candles’ flames. With the right choice of decor, you can turn simple candle holders into eye-catching, personalized design elements in your home.

How can I decorate my candles at home?

Bedazzle your candles with plastic jewels.

Arrange them in a cool pattern or fun design, or simply sprinkle them across the candle randomly. Use matching colors on a plain candle for the best look. You can also buy rhinestones with sticky backs that can attach directly to the candle.

Decorating candles at home can be a delightful and creative endeavor, allowing you to customize your candles to suit your style or create personalized gifts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your candles:

Gather Your Supplies: Collect the materials you’ll need, including plain candles, various decorative elements, and adhesive options. Common decorations include ribbon, dried flowers, herbs, spices, beads, fabric, and paints.

Choose Your Design: Decide on the design or theme you want to create. Consider the color scheme and style that matches your decor or the occasion.

Prep Your Candles: Ensure your candles are clean and free of dust or debris. If you’re working with pillar candles, consider using a heat gun to slightly melt the surface for better adhesion.

Adhere Decorations: Use a suitable adhesive like double-sided tape, glue, or a hot glue gun to attach your chosen decorations to the candle’s surface. Be creative with placement, whether you want to cover the entire candle or create a specific pattern.

Painting or Dipping: You can also paint your candles using acrylic paint or dip them in colored wax for a more uniform look. This works well for taper or pillar candles.

Add Fragrance (Optional): To make your decorated candles not only visually appealing but also aromatic, consider adding a few drops of essential oil to the surface or incorporating dried herbs and flowers into your design.

Personalize: Include personal touches such as names, dates, or messages using paint, decals, or markers for special occasions or gifts.

Seal and Protect: Once your decorations are in place, use a clear, non-flammable sealant to protect the design and ensure it lasts longer.

Allow to Dry: Let your decorated candles dry and cure according to the adhesive or paint instructions before using or gifting them.

Decorating candles at home is a versatile and enjoyable craft that allows you to infuse your personality into your decor or create thoughtful presents for loved ones. Experiment with different materials and techniques to achieve the desired look for your candles.

How do you decorate a glass candle holder?

Place a glass candle holder inside a classic fishbowl and fill in the space around it with items like flowers, rocks, or sand for a fun decoration that can change for seasons, holidays, and event styles. Here, they’ve used glass stones and colorful lights for a fun design touch.

Decorating a glass candle holder is a creative way to add a personal touch to your home decor or create unique gifts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to decorate a glass candle holder:

Clean the Glass: Start by ensuring that the glass candle holder is clean and free of any dust or residue. Wash it thoroughly and let it dry completely.

Choose Your Decoration: Decide on the style or theme you want for your candle holder. You can use various techniques and materials, including paint, decoupage, etching, or embellishments like beads, ribbons, or twine.

Painting: If you choose to paint the glass, select glass-specific paints or glass markers that adhere well. Plan your design and apply the paint in thin, even coats. Allow each coat to dry before adding another layer for a smooth finish.

Decoupage: To create a decorative collage effect, consider decoupaging the glass. Cut out designs or patterns from decorative paper or napkins and adhere them to the glass using decoupage glue. Seal the design with additional layers of decoupage glue once it’s dry.

Etching: Glass etching is a more intricate option. Use etching cream or a stencil to create frosted or decorative patterns on the glass surface. Follow safety precautions when using etching products.

Embellishments: You can glue various embellishments onto the glass candle holder, such as beads, rhinestones, or pieces of colored glass. Ensure they are securely attached.

Personalize: Add a personal touch by incorporating initials, quotes, or designs that hold special meaning to you or the recipient.

Seal and Protect: After decorating, consider applying a clear varnish or sealant to protect the design and make it more durable.

Insert the Candle: Once the decoration is complete and dry, place an appropriate candle inside the holder, making sure it’s the right size and won’t pose a fire hazard.

Decorating glass candle holders allows you to express your creativity and create unique, eye-catching pieces that can elevate your home decor or serve as thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

How To Decorate Candle Holders

What are some essential materials and tools needed to decorate candle holders effectively? 

To decorate candle holders effectively, you’ll need a variety of materials and tools to bring your creative ideas to life. Here’s a list of essential items to get you started:

Candle Holders: Begin with plain glass, metal, or ceramic candle holders as your canvas. Choose different sizes and shapes to diversify your designs.

Decorative Elements: These can include beads, rhinestones, seashells, dried flowers, or any small decorative items that match your desired theme.

Adhesives: Invest in strong and clear adhesives like epoxy, super glue, or craft glue to securely attach your decorations.

Paints and Brushes: Acrylic paints are versatile and can be used to add color and patterns to your candle holders. A set of quality brushes helps achieve precise detailing.

Decorative Papers: Scrapbooking or decoupage papers come in various patterns and designs, perfect for mod podge techniques.

Ribbons and Fabric: Use ribbons, lace, or fabric scraps to wrap around or adorn your candle holders for a softer, more textured look.

Markers and Stencils: These are useful for drawing or tracing designs onto your candle holders before painting or embellishing.

Protective Gear: Safety should always be a priority. Wear gloves, eye protection, and work in a well-ventilated area when using adhesives or paints.

Crafting Tools: Scissors, X-acto knives, and cutting mats are handy for precision cutting and trimming.

Sealers: Apply a clear sealant or varnish to protect your decorations and ensure they last.

With these essential materials and tools at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your candle holder decorating journey. Remember to let your creativity flow, experiment with different combinations, and enjoy the process of transforming ordinary candle holders into unique works of art.

Can you share some beginner-friendly candle holder decoration ideas for those new to crafting? 

Decorating candle holders can be a fun and rewarding craft for beginners. Here are some beginner-friendly ideas to get you started:

Painted Glass Candle Holders: Begin with plain glass candle holders and use acrylic paints to create simple patterns or designs. You can try ombre effects, polka dots, or even hand-painted flowers.

Ribbon Wrapped Holders: Select a decorative ribbon or twine and wrap it around the candle holder, securing it with glue. Add bows or small embellishments for extra charm.

Decoupage: Cut out designs or patterns from decorative paper or napkins and use mod podge to adhere them to the candle holder. Finish with a layer of mod podge on top for a smooth finish.

Lace and Fabric: Glue lace or small fabric swatches onto the candle holder for a soft, textured look. You can layer different materials for added depth.

Natural Elements: Collect small stones, shells, or dried flowers from your garden or a nearby park and glue them onto the candle holder for a rustic, nature-inspired decoration.

Beaded Creations: String colorful beads onto wire and wrap them around the candle holder. You can create intricate patterns or simple spirals.

Stenciled Designs: Use stencils to paint patterns or images onto the candle holder. This is a great way to achieve precise and professional-looking results.

Washi Tape Accents: Decorate your candle holder with colorful washi tape. Mix and match patterns and colors to create a playful and vibrant look.

These beginner-friendly ideas offer a great starting point for your candle holder decorating adventure. As you gain confidence and experience, you can explore more complex techniques and experiment with different materials to create unique and personalized candle holders. Happy crafting!

How can one adapt candle holder decorations to match different seasons or occasions? 

Adapting candle holder decorations to match different seasons and occasions allows you to infuse your living spaces with a festive and ever-changing ambiance. Here are some versatile ideas to help you create candle holders that are perfect for various times of the year and special occasions:

Spring: Embrace the freshness of spring with pastel-colored candles and floral-themed decorations. Attach silk or paper flowers to your candle holders or use washi tape with floral patterns. These delicate touches bring a sense of renewal and vibrancy to your décor.

Summer: Capture the essence of summer with beach-inspired candle holders. Add seashells, beach glass, or sand to the bottom of your holders. You can also wrap them with nautical-themed rope or twine for a coastal look.

Fall: Warm up your space in the autumn by decorating with candle holders that feature earthy tones, leaves, or pumpkins. Consider wrapping holders in burlap and tying them with twine, or attach artificial fall foliage.

Winter: Create a cozy winter atmosphere with candle holders adorned with faux snow, glitter, or silver accents. Add miniature ornaments or pinecones for a touch of holiday charm.

Holidays: Customize your candle holders for specific holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine’s Day. Incorporate holiday colors, symbols, or motifs into your decorations, such as red and green for Christmas or hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Weddings: For weddings or romantic occasions, go for elegant and minimalist designs. Consider using lace, satin ribbons, or white feathers to create a timeless look that complements the celebration.

Birthdays: Celebrate birthdays with candle holders that match the party’s theme or the guest of honor’s favorite colors. Attach small balloons, paper cutouts, or ribbons that coordinate with the festivities.

By adapting your candle holder decorations to suit different seasons and occasions, you can transform your space and set the mood for any event or time of the year, making each moment extra special and memorable.

What safety precautions should be considered when decorating candle holders for use with lit candles?

Decorating candle holders for use with lit candles requires careful attention to safety to prevent accidents and ensure a secure and enjoyable ambiance. Here are some essential safety precautions to consider:

Use Fire-Resistant Materials: When decorating, ensure that the materials you use are fire-resistant or flame-retardant. This includes any decorative elements, adhesives, and paints.

Avoid Overcrowding: Don’t overcrowd the candle holder with decorations, as this can increase the risk of a fire hazard. Leave enough space for the flame to burn safely.

Keep Decorations Away from Flames: Ensure that any decorative elements, such as ribbons, paper, or fabric, are positioned so that they won’t come into direct contact with the candle flame. Maintain a safe distance between the decoration and the flame.

Use LED Candles: Consider using LED flameless candles instead of real flames, especially if you have highly flammable decorations. They provide a similar ambiance without the fire risk.

Regularly Check for Damage: Inspect your decorated candle holders for any damage or signs of wear, such as loose decorations or cracked glass, before using them with candles.

Supervise Candles: Never leave lit candles unattended, and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Use candle holders on stable surfaces to prevent accidental tipping.

Maintain Ventilation: Ensure there’s proper ventilation in the room to prevent the buildup of smoke and to allow for fresh air circulation.

Extinguish Candles Safely: When extinguishing candles, use a snuffer or gently blow them out. Avoid using water to put out candles, as it can cause hot wax to splatter.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy: Have a fire extinguisher within easy reach in case of emergencies, and know how to use it.

You can enjoy the beauty and ambiance of decorated candle holders while minimizing the risk of accidents or fire hazards associated with lit candles. Safety should always be a top priority when using open flames in home decor.

How To Decorate Candle Holders


The world of candle holder decoration is a boundless realm of creativity, offering endless opportunities to infuse your personal style and flair into your living spaces. Through this guide, we have embarked on a journey that showcased a plethora of techniques and ideas, ranging from the simple and minimalist to the intricate and extravagant.

By now, you’ve learned that decorating candle holders is not just about enhancing their appearance; it’s about creating an atmosphere, setting a mood, and adding a unique touch to your home. It’s about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, one candle holder at a time.

As you continue to explore and experiment with different materials, colors, and designs, remember that the most beautiful candle holders are those that resonate with your personality and evoke emotions. So, go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let your imagination run wild as you adorn your candle holders with love and inspiration. With each flicker of the flame, your beautifully decorated candle holders will illuminate not only your space but also the warmth and creativity within you. Enjoy the artistry of candle holder decoration and watch as it transforms your home into a haven of beauty and charm.


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