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French Bubble Braid Tutorial

French Bubble Braid Tutorial


French Bubble Braid Tutorial – The French Bubble Braid is a beautiful style that blends class and creativity. Hairstyling is an art form that lets you be as creative as you want. Many people who want to improve their hairstyling skills have fallen in love with this complicated braid because of how beautiful it is and how many ways it can be worn.

The French Bubble Braid is a unique hairdo that combines old-fashioned beauty with modern style. Discover the fascinating world of this braid with this guide. It will show you how to make it and all the different ways you can style it for different looks and situations.

We’ll break down the French bubble braid method step by step so both new and experienced hair stylists can use it. You can learn how to do this stylish hairstyle from this guide, whether you want to dress up your hair for a special event, add a little sophistication to your everyday look, or feel like feeling fancy.

We’ll show you each step of this course, give you professional advice, and chat about how the French bubble braid can be worn in different ways so you can try different looks and styles for other occasions. Come along with us on this creative trip as we show you how to get this stylish and attractive look. The French Bubble Braid is a true example of how well hairstylists can do their job.

French Bubble Braid Tutorial

Bubble braid step by step for beginners

At first, making a beautiful French bubble braid might seem hard, but if you follow a step-by-step guide made just for beginners, you’ll be a master in no time. Let me start you off with a quick guide:

Step 1: Get your hair ready.

Let your hair air dry until it is clean and free of knots. Use a brush to make it smooth and easy to work with.

Step 2: Split your hair.

Pick out a small amount of hair near your face on top of your head. You will start your French Bubble Braid at this point. Split it into three equal pieces.

Step 3:Start braiding

Start braiding your hair like you would for a normal French braid. After crossing the left piece over the new middle piece, cross the right piece across the middle. This is where you should begin.

Step 4: Make the first bubble.

The magic is about to start. For the first “bubble,” gently pull on the sides of the braid after a few basic steps. Then, continue braiding as normal, and as you work your way down the braid, repeat this process to make more bubbles.

Step 5: Keep the finish safe.

For safety, use a hair tie to hold the braid in place when you get to the nape of your neck.

Step 6: The Last Bite

Gently pull on the sides of each “bubble” to make them stand out more and make the bubbly effect stronger.

Step 7: Add any things that you want.

Ribbons, flowers, or fancy pins can be added to your French bubble braid based on the event.

With practice, you can become great. It might take a few tries to get the bubbles just right, but if you’re patient and don’t give up, you can make a beautiful French Bubble Braid that will turn heads everywhere you go.

How do you make bubble braids?

If you want to look cool and trendy, try French bubble braids, which are also called bubble braids. They are surprisingly easy to do. To make bubble braids, do the following:

Step 1: Get your hair ready:

Let your hair air dry until it is clean and free of knots. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, curled, or wavy.

Step 2: Split your hair:

You can pick between a side part and a center part based on your style. Make a clean line with a comb from the front of your head to the back of your head.

Step 3: Start the French braid.

Cut a small piece of hair near your part into three equal parts. Cross the left part over the new middle part to start a normal French braid. Start with the right part crossed over the middle.

Step 4: Make the first bubble.

It’s time to make the first bubble after a few simple French braid steps. Pull and puff out the sides of the braid gently to make it look bigger and fuller.

Step 5: Make sure the bubble stays safe.

Once you’ve made the first bubble, use a hair tie to hold it in place. You can make sure there is enough room for the bubble effect by not making it too tight.

Step 6: Keep bubbling and braiding:

Keep braiding the part that isn’t interwoven yet under the first bubble. Once you’re done weaving for a while, pull and fluff the sides of the braid to make another bubble. Use another hair tie to hold this bubble in place. Keep going like this, blowing bubbles along the braid at regular intervals.

Step 7: Wrap up and protect:

Put one last hair tie around the braid when it’s done. Use bobby pins to hold any loose hair at the ends in place.

Step 8: Finish and make it your own:

To make each bubble stand out more, gently pull on its ends. To make it more unique, you can also add ribbons or bright pins as decorations.

Bubble braids are stylish and pretty hairstyles that look good in a variety of settings, from formal events to casual get-togethers. You could become an expert at making beautiful bubble braids that stand out and show off your unique style if you practice.

How Long Do Bubble Braids Last?

The length of time your French Bubble Braid Tutorial  last depends on how tight they are, what kind of hair you have, and how well you take care of it. Bubble braids can last anywhere from one to three days and sometimes even longer.

Wavy or curly hair may hold the bubbles better than straight hair, which might need more fixing. People with curly or wavy hair can keep their style for longer.

Tightness: Your bubbles will last longer if you braid and tie them up tightly. Finding the right balance is very important because braids that are too tight can hurt.

Cover your bubble braids while you sleep to make them last longer. If you use a silk or satin pillowcase, you can get rid of frizz and friction.

To keep your bubbles in place and make your look last longer, use hair products like style gel or hairspray.

Your bubble braids may only last for a short time if you do a lot of physical activity or are exposed to high humidity. Frizz can be caused by sweat and humidity so that touch-ups may be needed.

Occasion: The type of event or occasion you’re going to may also affect how long you wear your bubble braids. For everyday wear, you can get away with some wear and tear, but for a special event, you should make sure they’re in great shape.

If you take good care of your bubble braids and have healthy hair, they can last anywhere from one to three days. You can keep this fun and beautiful look for longer if you use the right hair products, keep your bubbles in place, and sleep with your hair covered.

Bubble Braid Benefits

Bubble braids, which are also called French bubble braids, are a popular and versatile hairstyle choice because they have many benefits.

People will notice bubble braids, and they add a fun and modern touch to your style. You can change them up a lot by adding ornaments, ribbons, or pins to make them fit different situations.

Even though they look complicated, bubble braids are surprisingly easy to make, especially for beginners. This is a unique look that you can do even if you’re not a hairstylist.

You can wear your hair straight, curly, long, or short with bubble braids. They can be changed to fit both formal and casual settings so that they can be used in many situations.

Comfort and Longevity: If you tie them right, bubble braids are very durable and can last for days. Because it lasts so long, you can have a stylish hairstyle without much trouble for a long time.

Deal with frizz: The bubbles help the hair keep its shape and deal with frizz. This makes them a great choice, especially when you’re doing things outside or when it’s humid.

Bubble braids cover the ends of your hair to protect them. This makes it less likely that it will break or get damaged. This might be good for your hair’s health.

Bubble braids are a way to express yourself artistically. You can change the look to fit your tastes and personality by playing around with the accessories, bubble size, and spacing.

Bubble braids are a unique style that is easy to put on and can be worn in many different ways. They’re a stylish choice for people who want to stand out and show off their personality while also getting a haircut that will last and feel good.

How to Do a Bubble Braid Yourself

A pretty bubble braid can be made by hand easily and is fun to do. To become an expert at producing a French bubble braid, follow these thorough steps:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair: Begin with dry, clean hair. Brush it to remove any tangles and ensure it’s smooth and controlled.

Step 2: Part Your Hair: To begin, separate your hair into two halves. Clip one section out of the way so you can work on the other.

Step 3: Begin the braid in: Take a small amount of hair towards the front of the unclipped portion and divide it into three sections, as you would for a conventional braid. After crossing the left piece over the new middle piece, cross the right piece across the middle.

Step 4: Create the Bubble: After a few common braiding operations, you’re ready to create your first bubble. Gently twist and fluff the braid’s edges to make it appear larger. Use a hair tie to secure the bubble.

Step 5: Keep braiding and bursting: Bubbles at regular intervals until you reach the end of your hair. Fasten the braid with a hair tie.

Step 6: Finishing Touch: Gently tug on the sides of each bubble to make it more prominent.

You may now proudly wear your magnificent bubble braid to any significant occasion or just for a laid-back day out. With training, you’ll become more competent at doing this eye-catching haircut on your own.

French Bubble Braid Tutorial

Tips for incorporating accessories like ribbons or flowers.

You may make your hairstyle stand out by including flowers or ribbons in your French Bubble Braid Tutorial. The following suggestions will help you succeed:

1. Choose Flowers or Ribbons in Complementary hues: Choose flowers or ribbons that complement the hues in your outfit and the overall theme of the occasion. This ensures a unified appearance.

2. Attach Accessories Securely: Use tiny hair ties or bobby pins to hold the accessories in place. To avoid them coming loose during the day, make sure they are properly attached.

3. It’s Critical to Pick Your Spot: Select a spot for the accessories. They can be placed at the top of the braid, at regular intervals along the bubbles, or even near the base where the braid begins. Experiment with different postures to see which one works best for you.

4. Maintain Balance: This is critical. Spread your accessories evenly if you’re using more than one for a balanced and eye-catching effect.

5. Align with the Occasion: Consider the formality of the event. Delicate flowers or elegant ribbons may work nicely for formal occasions, while bright, lively accessories can liven up a casual look.

6. Complement Your Look: Select accessories that complement your overall appearance. Choose a look that speaks to you, whether it’s a hippie mood with wildflowers or an elegant touch with silk ribbons.

With these tips, you can effortlessly accessorize your French bubble braid to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind hairstyle that complements your style and fits the occasion.

Setting the tone for the tutorial and its purpose.

It is critical to define the tone and aims of this French Bubble Braid Tutorial in order to guide and fascinate readers on their way to achieving this beautiful hairdo.

The Tutorial’s Purpose:

The purpose of this lesson is to give people of all hairstyling skill levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, the confidence and creative capacity to create a French bubble braid. Our goals are to demystify the method so that anybody can perform it, as well as to highlight the beauty of this haircut, which flawlessly blends modern flare with tradition.

Creating the Tone

Our instruction exudes a kind, welcoming atmosphere. We welcome readers and emphasize that the French Bubble Braid is more than just a hairstyle—it’s a vehicle for artistic self-expression. We encourage zeal and the notion that anyone, with the right guidance, can master this appealing style.

Our goal is to inspire readers to express their creativity and individuality by experimenting with different styles and embellishing their French Bubble Braids. This instruction’s tone is constantly instructive, motivational, and motivating, creating a safe environment for readers to realize their potential as hairstylists.

The purpose of this lesson is to teach readers how to perfect the French bubble braid for both regular wear and special occasions. Through this intriguing braid, we aim to inspire readers to embrace the art of hairstyling and go on a creative journey to express their unique style and individuality.

Explore different variations of the French Bubble Braid, such as side-swept or half-up styles.

The French Bubble Braid is a versatile hairstyle that may be worn in a variety of artistic ways. By experimenting with different appearances, you can tailor the braid to the situation and your preferences. Here are a few popular variations to consider:

1. Side-Swept French Bubble Braid:

Part your hair to the side if you want to seem fashionable and asymmetrical.

Begin your French Bubble Braid by parting your hair on the side.

Please continue to make bubbles along the side and secure them with hair ties.

This design adds a classy and eye-catching touch to your appearance.

2. Braided Bubbles Half-Up:

Keep the rest of your hair down and gather the top section.

Make a French Bubble Braid with the top section and secure it at the back.

Leave the remaining hair loose for a casual and amusing half-up style.

This variant is perfect for a careless yet adorable look.

3. A sloppy bubble braid:

Braid and fluff each bubble loosely to give it a deliberately messy and voluminous appearance.

Pull some strands around your face if you want to look casual and boho.

This look is ideal for a laid-back, beachy, or festival atmosphere.

4. Braided Bubbles Crown:

Make two French bubble braids, one on each side of your hair.

Secure each braid around your head with bobby pins to form a crown.

This sophisticated, bohemian-inspired design is excellent for big occasions.

5. Double Braided Bubbles:

Make two separate French Bubble Braids on each side of your head.

This striking and edgy appearance makes a strong and enticing first impression.

Ideal for a daring and avant-garde look.

6. Ponytail that floats:

Make a high or low ponytail with your hair.

Beginning at the base of the ponytail, braid the hair in a French bubble braid all the way down.

This adds a whimsical, youthful edge to a classic ponytail.

Try out these variations to see which French Bubble Braid suits you and the occasion best. The adaptability of this hairstyle allows you to exhibit your originality and creativity in a very exciting way; the only constraint is your imagination.

French Bubble Braid Tutorial


The French Bubble Braid Tutorial opens up a whole new realm blog of artistic hairstyling, creativity, and self-expression. Individual styles can now be displayed on this attractive and versatile haircut that combines current flair with tradition. As we near the close of this session, let us reflect on what we’ve seen and learned.

This guide was created to offer everyone, regardless of experience level, the confidence and enthusiasm to perfect the French Bubble Braid. We’ve simplified the process by breaking it down into manageable steps and providing professional advice to ensure your success.

We’ve encouraged you to try out new looks, such as the easygoing bohemian mood or the exquisite side sweep. The French Bubble Braid is a stunning hairstyle that can be tailored to every occasion and individual preferences.

For this session, we’ve built a welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive environment. Because we’ve created an environment that encourages innovation and uniqueness, any reader may begin their hairstyling adventure with a sense of excitement and potential.


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