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French Braid Into Bubble Braid

French Braid Into Bubble Braid


French Braid Into Bubble Braid: Greetings from the realm of magnificent hair makeovers, where traditional grace blends with modern style. The French Braid into Bubble Braid is a gorgeous hairdo that combines contemporary playfulness with classic refinement. This elaborate method starts with a lovely French braid that is expertly woven to give your appearance a bit of traditional charm. 

The braid gradually becomes fun bubble braids as it goes along, giving it a distinctive and striking texture. Every segment is skillfully designed to resemble tiny bubbles, giving your hairstyle a whimsical, young vibe. Perfect for various events, from informal get-togethers to formal affairs, the French Braid into Bubble Braid is adaptable and flexible, letting you showcase your unique style and inventiveness. 

This hairstyle will turn heads and make a statement whether you’re attending a wedding or party or just want to dress up your regular look. Come along on an innovative hairstyling trip as we explore the beauty of the French braid into the Bubble Braid, the ideal marriage of traditional technique and modern style.

French Braid Into Bubble Braid

Combining French Braid and Bubble Braid

When you mix the delicate beauty of a French braid with the fun and silly charm of a bubble braid, you get a stunning and one-of-a-kind haircut that is both modern and classic. A French braid forms the base and gives the outfit a sophisticated look. In this ancient process, three pieces of hair are wrapped around each other to make a tight weave pattern close to the scalp.

When bubble braids are used, the style feels fun and creative. The bubble braid is recognizable by its separate, puffy parts that look like bubbles falling down its length. Once you’ve used an elastic band to connect each section, gently pull at the braid’s sides to make giant “bubbles” that give it more depth and texture. The hairdo looks better and has a softer, more carefree vibe, thanks to these bubbles.

When you mix these two braiding styles, you get a beautiful balance of difference and harmony. The French braid’s smooth look and the fun bubbles make for a striking mix that makes the haircut work in many situations. This combination braid can be styled for formal events, casual get-togethers, and fun get-togethers with friends. This haircut is perfect for people who want to look stylish and fun simultaneously because it beautifully combines modernity and class. So, whether you’re going to a fancy event or wish to change your regular look, the French braid and bubble braid together is a fun option that people always like and notice.

How To Bubble Braid For Complete Beginners

Although bubble braids appear complex, even for novices, they are surprisingly simple. This is a simple tutorial for making bubble braids for beginners:

First things first, make sure your hair is dry and clean. Make certain the braiding procedure is smooth by brushing away any tangles.

Depending on your desire, separate your hair neatly in the middle or side. To straighten the parting, use a comb.

Start a standard braid by dividing a tiny portion of hair close to the parting into three equal portions. Cross the middle with the right section first and then the left. This is where your braid begins.

Make the first bubble by stopping after a few braiding motions and carefully separating the braid’s pieces with your fingers. The first bubble will form as a result. Ensure the bubble is tight enough to come undone.

To ensure the bubble stays in place, fasten it with a tiny, transparent hair elastic. Because you want the bubble effect to be apparent, ensure it’s not too tight.

Keep up the trend: Braiding a tiny portion and blowing bubbles regularly. Remember to use an elastic band to bind each bubble.

Complete the braid: After you’ve made bubbles along the entire length of the braid, use a last hair elastic to tie off the end.

Optional: To give your braid a more voluminous appearance, gently pull at the sides of the bubbles to make them bigger and rounder.

How to Do Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a fun and fashionable hairdo that’s simple to accomplish. This is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you in making bubble braids:

Get Your Hair Ready: Start with hair that is detangled, dry, and clean. Thoroughly brush your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots.

Divide Your Hair: Depending on your style, part your hair straight down the middle or side. To create a precise and orderly parting, use a comb.

Start the braiding process by dividing a tiny portion of hair close to the parting into three equal portions. Make a standard three-strand braid to begin. To keep the top of the braid secure, make a few braiding motions.

Make the First Bubble: After braiding a few inches, pause and carefully separate the braid’s pieces with your fingertips. A bubble will result from this. Ensure the bubble is securely fastened without unraveling yet loose enough to give it a rounded shape.

Secure the Bubble: To keep the bubble in place, use a tiny, clear elastic band. To keep the bubble in its shape, place the elastic just underneath it.

Procedure Repetition: Continue braiding a tiny section of hair beneath the initial bubble. After braiding for a few inches, gently separate the sections to form another bubble, then fasten it with an elastic band. Until you get to the end of your hair, keep doing this.

Final Touches: To give your bubble braids a voluminous appearance, you can gently pull at the sides of each bubble after you’ve created all of the bubbles. This will make the bubbles fuller and rounder.

Secure the End: Once you’ve reached the end of your hair, secure the braid with a final elastic band.

Practice and patience are vital to mastering bubble braids. Enjoy experimenting with different bubble sizes and placements to create a unique and stylish look!

Double Bubble Braid For Complete Beginners!

Creating a double bubble braid might seem intricate, but with patience and practice, even beginners can master this trendy hairstyle. Here’s a beginner-friendly guide to achieving a double bubble braid:

Get Your Hair Ready: Start with hair that is detangled, dry, and clean. Brush out any knots to make the braiding process smoother.

Divide Your Hair: Depending on your style, part your hair straight down the middle or side. To create a precise and orderly parting, use a comb.

Start the braiding process by dividing a tiny portion of hair close to the parting into three equal portions. Start braiding a regular three-strand braid for a few inches to secure the top of the braid.

Create the First Bubble: After braiding a few inches, stop and use your fingers to gently pull apart the sections of the braid, creating the first bubble. Ensure it’s loose enough to give a rounded appearance but secure enough not to unravel.

Secure the First Bubble: Use a small, clear elastic band to secure the first bubble in place. To keep the bubble in its shape, place the elastic just underneath it.

Repeat the Process:

  1. Below the first bubble, start another three-strand braid with a small section of hair.
  2. Create a second bubble a few inches down from the first one.
  3. Secure the double bubble with another elastic band.

Continue Braiding: Repeat the braiding and bubbling process until you reach the end of your hair, creating a double bubble braid.

Final Touches: Gently tug at the sides of each bubble to make them fuller and more rounded. Adjust the bubbles as needed for a balanced and polished look.

French Braid Into Bubble Braid

Step-by-step guide on how to French braid the hair and transition it into a bubble braid

The steps you need to follow to French braid your hair and then make it into a bubble braid:

Step 1: Get your hair ready.

Clean and dry your hair beforehand. Knots. To get rid of any knots or kinks, brush your hair well.

Step 2: Start the French braid.

Cut off a small piece of hair at the top of your head. On the left, middle, and right, cut it into equal parts. First, cross the left strand, then the middle strand, and finally, the right strand. This is where you’ll start your French braid.

Step 3: Use hair to tie the braid together.

Add small braids of hair from the sides to the braid. From the right side, cross a hair across the middle of the right strand. Cross the hair down the middle and add hair from the left side to the left strand. While you do this, keep your hair in a tight knot close to your head.

Step 4: Change to bubble braiding.

When you get to the nape of your neck and braid all your hair, tie it off with a hair tie. Lightly pull on the sides of each braid piece to make the bubble effect. To make the bubbles as big as you want, start at the bottom and work your way up. You can change the size and shape of each bubble with your fingers.

Step 5: Hold the braid in place.

Once you’ve added bubbles around the braid, use another hair tie to tie off the end. Use hair spray or bobby pins to hold any loose pieces together.

To quickly turn a French braid into a sleek and stylish bubble braid, follow these step-by-step instructions. You might improve the technique and get beautiful effects if you wait and practice.

Tips for achieving a neat and well-defined bubble braid

To make bubble braids, you must take time, practice, and pay close attention to detail. If you want to make the perfect bubble braid, follow these tips:

Start with Clean Hair: To ensure your hair is clean and easy to work with, shampoo and condition it. Use a gentler conditioner to keep the buildup from getting too bad.

Use the Right Tools: To divide your hair evenly, buy a fine-toothed comb and good hair ties that are either clear or a color that goes with your hair.

Thoroughly detangle: Brush or comb your hair gently to remove any knots or kinks. This will help you make a bubble braid that is smooth and precise.

Tighten the pieces: Once a bubble has formed, use hair ties to ensure the pieces are securely joined. This keeps the bubbles in place and makes sure they stay neat.

Evenly Spaced Bubbles: Spread the bubbles evenly along the braid’s length. Use your fingers or a comb to gently pull at the sides of each part to give it a rounded, bubble-like look.

Change Tension: When you’re making bubbles, remember to change the tension. Pull it slightly tighter for a sleeker look, or gently tug it for a carefree, less fast look.

Fix the End: Once you’ve got the braid to the length you want, use a second hair tie to keep the end in place. For a more put-together look, you can tuck a tiny bit of hair around the tie to hide it.

Use Hair Spray or Gel: Use a light-hold hairspray or gel to do away with flyaways and keep the bubbles in place. In this way, the braid stays looking good all day.

Remember that practice makes perfect. If your first tries aren’t great, keep going. You can make a neat, well-defined bubble braid if you practice and wait.

Creative variations of the French braid into bubble braid style for different occasions and events

Transforming a classic French braid into a bubble braid style offers endless creative possibilities for different occasions and events. Here are a few variations of the French braid into a bubble braid style for various situations:

Casual Outings: For a relaxed day out, create a loose French braid and turn it into a bubble braid. Make the bubbles larger and irregularly spaced for a carefree and bohemian look. This style is perfect for beach outings or casual gatherings with friends.

Formal Events: For more formal occasions such as weddings or cocktail parties, opt for a sleek French braid that transitions into smaller and evenly spaced bubbles. Keep the bubbles uniform in size for a polished and elegant appearance. Add some decorative hairpins or accessories to enhance the sophistication.

Festive Celebrations: For festive events like holidays or birthdays, consider incorporating colorful elastics or ribbons into the bubble braid. Alternate the colors of the bubbles to create a vibrant and cheerful look suitable for celebratory occasions.

Athletic Activities: When engaging in sports or workouts, a secure hairstyle is essential. Create a tight French braid that gradually transforms into bubble braids. The closed bubbles will prevent the hair from coming loose during physical activities, making it practical and stylish.

Romantic Dates: For a romantic dinner or date night, opt for a side-swept French braid that cascades into smaller, closely spaced bubbles. This soft and feminine style adds a touch of romance to your look, making it perfect for intimate evenings.

The key to these variations lies in the size, spacing, and placement of the bubbles. Tailoring your bubble braid to suit the occasion ensures you make a statement while staying appropriate and stylish for any event.

French Braid Into Bubble Braid


The French Braid into Bubble Braid is not just a hairstyle; it’s a work of art that beautifully marries tradition and modernity. This versatile and stylish technique allows you to showcase your personality, creativity, and elegance in a single hairstyle. Whether you’re a trendsetter looking for a fashion-forward statement or someone embracing their classic style with a twist, this braiding masterpiece caters to all tastes.

With its seamless transition from the refined French braid to the playful bubble braids, this hairstyle captures the essence of sophistication and fun. It’s more than just strands of hair intricately woven; it’s a testament to the creativity and skill of hairstylists and a canvas for self-expression. The French Braid into Bubble Braid not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence, making you feel empowered and beautiful from the inside out.

Embrace this captivating trend and let your hair become a canvas for creativity, allowing you to stand out in any crowd. Experience the magic of the French Braid in Bubble Braid, and let your locks tell a story of elegance, innovation, and individuality.


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