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Costco Bubble Tea Kit

Costco Bubble Tea Kit


Costco Bubble Tea Kit: The Costco Bubble Tea Kit, which you can now get at home, is a fun and helpful way to join the bubble tea craze that is going strong. This all-in-one kit allows you to enjoy the sweet and relaxing taste of bubble tea without going to a tea shop.

This complete kit comes with high-quality parts that will make sure you have an authentic bubble tea experience. Each item, like tea bags, flavored syrups, and tapioca pearls, has been carefully chosen so that you can make the blend that suits your tastes the best. This kit is made to make making bubble tea faster and more fun, no matter how much experience you have or how new you are to it.

Your bubble tea skills will get better with the Costco Bubble Tea Kit. You can enjoy this tasty treat with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. No more long lines or expensive takeout. With this fantastic package, you can bring out your inner barista and learn how to make delicious bubble tea by hand.

Costco Bubble Tea Kit

Does Costco sell bubble tea?

I was surprised to find that the pre-made bubble tea tasted similar to the specially-made types when I tried them here. I had to try Costco’s bubble tea as soon as I heard about it.

Costco is best known for its all-in-one wholesale retail approach, which includes a lot of different goods like groceries, gadgets, home goods, and more. They offer a range of drinks, but their main goal is to sell famous brands and everyday items in large amounts, not unique or niche items like bubble tea.

But keep in mind that Costco’s stock varies by location and may change over time based on what customers want and how the industry changes. There have been times when some Costco stores sold regional or seasonal goods, so it’s possible that one of those stores had bubble tea or similar products on hand for a short time.

For the most up-to-date information on whether a Costco in 2023 sells bubble tea, you should call the shop or check their website.

How much is boba kit at costco?

It’s simple to make boba at home.

With Costco’s newest item, making boba tea at home is quick and easy. People can buy Taiwan Boba Milk Tea from J Way Foods for $14.79. It comes with ten pouches of different types of tea and boba.

Boba tea kits were sometimes sold at Costco, but the prices and availability depended on where you lived and what they had in stock. In boba tea packages, you can find tapioca pearls, tea bags, sweetened syrups, and sometimes boba straws. Price ranges for these kits vary from $10 to $30 or more, based on the name, number, and items inside.

Remember that Costco’s stock can change; they may add new items or stop selling old ones depending on what customers want and how the market moves. Prices and stock amounts may be different from one Costco to the next. 

Are bubble teas healthy?

Even though some bubble team combinations have green tea in them, which is good for you, most types of boba tea are also lovely. It might not be suitable for you to drink that much sugar with your boba tea.

Taiwan is where the tasty and well-known drink bubble tea, also called boba tea, was created. Among other things, the products and way of making bubble tea determine whether it is healthy.

Tea (primarily black or green tea), tapioca pearls (boba), milk or milk alternatives, and sweeteners like sugar or flavored syrups are often used to make bubble tea. How healthy a bubble tea is depends on what’s in it and how much is drunk. Here are some things to think about:

Calories and Sugar: Many bubble teas have a lot of sugar and calories because they use sweets. Some types may have too much sugar, which can make you gain weight and cause other health problems.

Tapioca pearls: These are chewy and not very good for you, but they taste good when you chew them. They might have a lot of calories and carbs.

Some places that serve bubble tea have sugar-free or low-sugar syrups, teas that aren’t sweetened, and dairy-free milk substitutes. You can enjoy bubble tea more if you choose these other options.

Controlling your portions: The size of your drink is essential. Cutting back on calories and sugar can be done by eating less.

Is there bubble tea at Costco?

Tell me about the bubble tea at Costco.

Joyba bubble tea is a ready-to-drink drink that costs $15 at Costco for a pack of eight. I gave it a try. You can also find it at Target and grocery shops.

Often, these kits came with tea bags, sweetened syrups, boba straws, and tapioca pearls. You might not be able to get these goods everywhere, and their availability may change over time as customer needs and industry changes arise.

It’s important to remember that Costco’s stock can change. Depending on what customers want and how the market is doing, they may add new items or slowly remove old ones. Prices and stock may be different at different Costco stores.

What flavors of bubble tea are included in the Costco bubble tea kit, and are they customizable?

Usually, the box would have two fruity tastes, like strawberry or mango, and two traditional bubble tea flavors, like matcha green tea and taro. It would also come with boba or tapioca pearls, and some kits would have straws or other items.

You might not be able to change the flavors much inside the kit, but you can usually change how sweet and creamy it is to your liking. Many people who like bubble tea like to start with the kit and then change it up by adding different flavors or spices. Changing the amount of sugar syrup will change how sweet it is, and adding milk or nondairy alternatives will change how creamy it is.

The best place to get the most up-to-date information on the kit’s flavors and customization possibilities is at the Costco near you. Remember that the Costco bubble tea kit may only sometimes be available or come with the same items.

You can always try different combinations of components if you want more flavor choices or ways to make it your own. To make different kinds of bubble tea, you can buy powders or syrups sweetened with things like honeydew, lychee, or lavender. To make the dairy-free and creamy options your own, you can also use different kinds of milk or milk alternatives, such as almond, soy, or coconut milk.

To change how sweet your bubble tea is, add honey or agave syrup instead of sugar or lessen the amount of sugar. Some things you can try to make your bubble tea better are different flavors or rainbow pearls.

Does the Costco bubble tea kit come with black tapioca pearls (boba), and if so, what is the quantity included?

The exact amount of boba (tapioca pearls) in the kit can change, but it usually has 10 to 12 ounces (283 to 340 grams). This should make enough bubble tea for a few people.

Black tapioca pieces make the traditional and most well-known kind of boba. It’s chewy and slightly sweet, which goes well with all bubble tea tastes. Sometimes, these pearls are made with cassava starch, brown sugar, and water. When they are cooked, they get chewy and soft.

The boba that comes in the kit is an excellent place to start, but keep in mind that some bubble tea fans may like a higher boba-to-tea ratio, or they may have specific tastes when it comes to how much boba goes into their drinks. 

You can easily buy more boba and change the amount in your bubble tea if you find that the amount that comes with the kit needs to be increased. Ensure you follow the steps on the kit to cook and prepare the boba so it has the right texture.

Costco Bubble Tea Kit

Are there any additional accessories or equipment included in the kit, such as straws or shakers, to enhance the bubble tea-making experience?

Extra tools or accessories, like shakers or straws, may or may not be included based on the kit that is available at the time or place in question.

The following popular tools and accessories could be in a bubble tea kit:

There are extra-wide, reusable straws that come with bubble tea kits. You need them to drink the tea and eat the tapioca pearls. To make room for the pearls, these straws are usually bigger than regular straws.

Shakers: Some kits come with shaker cups or drink shakers to help mix the ingredients better. Shaking is needed to get the tea, flavorings, and ice to mix well.

Spoons or cups for measuring: Some kits have spoons or cups for measuring the tea powders or syrups to make the perfect bubble tea.

Cards with instructions or recipes: If this is your first time making bubble tea, many sets come with cards with thorough instructions or recipes.

Cups and lids: Some packages come with throwaway cups and lids that make it easier to serve your homemade bubble tea.

It is essential to check with your local Costco to ensure the bubble tea kit has the right ingredients, as the selection may change over time. You can always buy the extras separately if the kit doesn’t come with them. 

Customers who care about the environment like to use metal or glass straws that can be used more than once. For the best texture and stability in your bubble tea, use a cocktail shaker or a cup that seals tightly. Specialist kitchen shops and online sellers offer a wide range of bubble tea accessories and equipment to make the process easier.

Can you provide information about the pricing, availability, and any seasonal variations or promotions related to the Costco bubble tea kit at the nearest store location?

Go to the Costco website. You can enter your zip code or choose the closest spot to you to see if certain items are in stock at your local Costco. Regularly, featured goods and sales are shown on the official Costco website.

Contact your local Costco: You can call your nearest Costco store to talk to a manager or a shop associate in the food or kitchen area. They should be able to tell you if the kit is in stock, how much it costs, and if any deals are going on right now.

For seasonal changes or special deals: It’s a good idea to ask about seasonal changes or special deals, especially if you’re looking for the kit around specific holidays or events. Seasonal sales and the available products may change.

Membership rules: Remember that most of the time, you need a membership to shop at Costco. Making sure you have the proper registration is essential. If you still need to, find out what their rules are.

Remember that Costco has different deals and products in other areas, so the information you get may differ depending on where you are. Calling your local store right away is the best way to be sure you know everything you need to know about the Costco bubble tea kit, such as how much it costs and if there are any deals or seasonal changes that apply.

Costco Bubble Tea Kit


The Costco Bubble Tea Kit lets you make a wide range of tasty, personalized bubble teas. When you have this all-in-one gear, you might need to remember how bad it is to wait in line and pay a lot for expensive coffee shops. You could also take a trip through innovation and style from the comfort of your own home.

This package is excellent for new and experienced bubble tea drinkers because it has a significant amount of quality and convenience. The carefully chosen ingredients, such as tea bags, tapioca pearls, and tasty syrups, make it easy to make your unique bubble tea drinks. This lets you enjoy this popular drink with your friends and family while still getting the taste you want.

You can try different tastes, textures, and amounts of sweetness with the Costco Bubble Tea Kit to make the perfect cup of bubble tea. You are welcome to start your own bubble tea business, and there are many creative and tasty drinks. Why wait, then? With this great tool, you can make better drinks at home and start drinking bubble tea immediately.


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