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Bubble Tea Park Royal

Bubble Tea Park Royal

Bubble Tea Park Royal – Park Royal’s amazing world of Bubble Tea, where taste and new ideas come together in every tasty sip. Our bubble tea paradise is right in the middle of Park Royal and is a lively place for tea lovers and people who like to try new things. When you walk into our warm, friendly space, the smell of freshly made tea fills the air, and you can’t help but smile at the lively energy of customers enjoying creative and tasty treats.

When you go to Bubble Tea Park Royal, it’s not just a place to visit; it’s an event that goes beyond just drinking tea. There are a lot of different carefully made bubble teas on our menu. Each one has a burst of flavor, creamy milk, and great loose-leaf teas. Our choices, which include both old favorites and brand-new inventions, are wide enough to suit the likes of our picky customers.

Bubble Tea Park Royal stands out not only because it makes great drinks but also because it only uses the best materials. Each of our tea mixes is a work of art, and each of our pearls is just the right amount of chewy. Park Royal’s unique attitude comes through in the setting, which gives tea lovers a warm place to unwind, meet new people, and try the different types of bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Park Royal

Who is the owner of bubble tea?

Liu Han-Chieh

Bubble tea, also known as boba drink, pearl tea drink, or boba tea, originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. The owner of a tea store called Chun Shui Tang, Liu Han-Chieh, first came up with the idea of serving tea cold in the early 1980s.

The people who own bubble tea shops vary a lot based on where they are located and the type of business they are. The first bubble tea, also called boba tea, was made in Taiwan in the 1980s. Since then, it has become popular all over the world. Businesses that sell bubble tea are usually small businesses, local entrepreneurs, or people who want to share this new and tasty drink with their communities.

The bubble tea industry is largely controlled by big chains and franchisees, whose owners can be small businesses or large corporations run by one person. A single company owns some well-known chains, while others may use a franchise system where store owners and managers run their businesses.

Bubble tea is becoming more and more popular, so big drink companies and businesses are starting to put money into it to cash in on the trend. Influencers and celebs have also been known to start their bubble tea businesses or put money into businesses that are already up and running. This gives the industry a more personal touch.

The people who own bubble tea businesses include corporations, famous people, local business owners, and franchise owners. Together, they make the world bubble tea market rich and varied.

What are the top three most popular bubble tea flavors currently available at Bubble Tea Park Royal?

Bubble Tea Park Royal has a large menu with many types to suit different tastes, but three of them have become our customers’ all-time favorites.

First, there’s our Classic Milk Tea, which is a tried-and-true choice that captures the classic draw of bubble tea. The strong, rich flavors of black tea go well with the smooth, creamy texture of milk to make a warm, comfortable treat that always amazes fans.

Our Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea is great for people who want a tasty, fresh boost. This lively mix takes your taste buds to sun-kissed fields with its tropical sweetness from ripe mango and tangy bite from passion fruit.

Many people love our Taro Milk Tea because it has a unique, rich taste. Each drink of the creamy taro root beverage is a surprise and a pleasure, thanks to its sweet and slightly nutty undertone. It makes milk tea taste very different in a nice way.

Each of these three tastes is unique, and they show how varied and creative our bubble tea options are at Bubble Tea Park Royal. We guarantee that any tea lover who comes in will have an unforgettable experience.

Is bubble tea a Korean drink?

WHAT IS BUBBLE TEA (BOBA)? Bubble Tea (also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, or simply boba) is a Taiwanese drink that was invented in Taichung in the 1980s. The tea is mixed with milk or fruits and topped off with chewy tapioca pearls. By the early ’90s, bubble tea became prevalent in Japan and Hong Kong.

Actually, Korea is where bubble tea, also called boba tea, was first made. In the 1980s, bubble tea was first made in Taiwan. The drink became very famous in Taiwan and quickly spread to other parts of Asia and beyond.

A tea-based drink called bubble tea is usually made with tea, milk, sugar, and chewy tapioca pieces. One thing that makes it unique is the fun and surprising addition of tapioca pearls, which are also called “bubbles” or “boba.” Because of the pearls, the drink has a lovely chewy texture that makes it unique and fun.

It’s important to remember that bubble tea came from Taiwan, even though it’s becoming more famous in South Korea and other Asian countries. Bubble tea has become more famous in Korea because there are so many shops all over the country. On the other hand, Taiwan is completely responsible for creating bubble tea, as this tasty and creative addition to tea-based drinks was first made there.

Are there any special promotions or discounts currently being offered at Bubble Tea Park Royal?

Bubble Tea Park Royal knows that a good deal can make our customers very happy. We’re excited to offer you a range of tempting deals and discounts that will make your bubble tea experience better without breaking the bank right now.

During our “Happy Hour” special, which runs every weekday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, we’re giving a big discount on a number of bubble tea drinks as part of an ongoing promotion. We’ve also made a loyalty program that gives our best customers free upgrades, special deals, and even surprises on their birthdays. People who sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media can find out about our newest things first. We often post contests and limited-time deals on these sites.

Our “Friendship Bundle” deal, which gives you a discount when you order multiple drinks, makes Bubble Tea Park Royal the perfect place for getting together with family and friends. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a fun thing to do with a group.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our great bubble tea, and our many deals show that. Take advantage of these special deals to make your trip to Bubble Tea Park Royal even more fun. Enjoy the creative parts of the teas.

Bubble Tea Park Royal

Are bubble tea healthy?

Unfortunately, boba itself provides very few health benefits, though its calories and carbohydrates can provide you with a boost in energy. In most cases, boba tea contains high levels of sugar, which is linked to long-term health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

What goes into the bubble tea, how it’s cooked, and how healthy you eat all affect how healthy it is. Bubble tea usually has tea, milk, sweeteners, and chewy tapioca pieces in it. Some types of tea have sugar and condensed milk in them, which can make you eat more calories and sugar. However, tea does have vitamins that may be good for your health.

You can make bubble tea healthy by switching to milk instead of sugary tea and cutting down on the sugar. Additionally, some places offer tasty, low-calorie choices like herbs or fruit-based teas that don’t have any added sugar.

Soda starch is used to make tapioca pearls, which are a standard bubble tea treat. They give the drink a unique structure and are chewy, but they don’t do anything good for you. Keep in mind that the pearls are often cooked with sugar, so be careful.

Bubble tea can be part of healthy living as long as it is drunk in moderation and with knowledge about what is in it. As with any other treat, figuring out how to include bubble tea in a healthy diet means taking into account each person’s specific dietary needs and preferences.

Is bubble tea real milk?

It depends—although traditional bubble tea is made with cow’s milk, and is therefore not dairy-free, bubble tea can be customised to be made with non-dairy milk and other vegan alternatives. You can also get flavoured fruit bubble tea, which doesn’t contain milk at all.

Bubble tea, which is also called boba tea, is usually made with a mix of ingredients. Depending on the recipe, it may or may not have milk in it. Tapioca pearls, milk, sugar, and tea that have been steeped are the main things that go into classic bubble tea. Different kinds of milk are available, such as dairy milk and nondairy milk like almond, soy, or coconut milk. So, you can make bubble tea with real milk, though it’s not always possible.

Many bubble tea shops offer nondairy milk choices to meet the needs of people who can’t have dairy or who can’t handle lactose. People can now enjoy bubble tea’s rich taste and creamy texture without having to use dairy products.

Depending on the method used by the tea shop or the person making it at home, bubble tea might or might not have real milk in it. Since new milk substitutes are becoming more popular, bubble tea has changed into a drink that can please a wide range of tastes and dietary needs.


People who like tea should check out RoyaltEA, which is more than a drink. It takes you to a world where class and creativity meet. RoyaltEA is a great place for people who want royal pleasure with every cup because it is known for always doing its best. When you join the captivating world of RoyaltEA, you are met with a lovely atmosphere that makes you feel calm and at ease.

The art of making tea is taken to a whole new level by RoyaltEA. You can enjoy a carefully chosen range of premium loose-leaf teas, each one a wonderful mix of tastes and smells. There are both traditional types of tea and new versions on the menu that are meant to push the limits of traditional tea drinking while still pleasing a wide range of tastes.

RoyaltEA is known for always putting quality first, using only the best tea leaves and other ingredients. Each cup is made with care and attention to detail, so customers feel like kings and queens from the first step to the last sip.

With an atmosphere fit for a king or queen, RoyaltEA welcomes you to delve into the depths of tea culture, no matter how much you know or how eager you are to discover new tea frontiers. In RoyaltEA, where every tea time is a special event, you can enjoy the luxury.


The delicious taste discoveries on ShareTea’s bubble tea menu are sure to please tea experts. ShareTea is known for its dedication to quality and innovation, and its menu has a lot of tasty options for everyone. Each drink is a work of art, expertly blending great loose-leaf teas, smooth milk, and a variety of tasty toppings. They range from old favorites to brand-new creations.

At ShareTea, customers can make their drinks by picking from a huge selection of tea bases, such as fragrant oolong tea, energizing green tea, and classic black tea. If you want to try something new, you have to try the pearl milk teas. They have chewy tapioca pearls that make the wonderfully smooth teas taste even better.

ShareTea has special cocktails and fruit teas that mix traditional tea flavors with fresh fruit flavors for people who want something new. From the rich, velvety smoothness of cream blends to the tangy citrus notes of fruit teas, the collection shows that ShareTea is dedicated to finding new ways to make bubble tea.

SharingTea’s bubble tea menu is a blend of flavors that make every sip enjoyable. This makes it a popular spot for people who want to enjoy a variety of tasty bubble teas. The use of high-quality products is important to ShareTea, and they really want to make tasty drinks.

For people who love bubble tea, Bubble Tea Park Royal is a fun and engaging experience that stands out as a haven for flavor lovers. Consumers can find a flavor that suits their tastes by choosing from a menu that includes both new and old favorites. Every customer is promised a consistently delicious drink because the business is dedicated to using only the best ingredients and preparing them carefully.

Bubble Tea Park Royal

Bubble Tea Park Royal isn’t just a tea shop; it’s a place where people can get together with their friends and family to enjoy the lively atmosphere and cold drinks. You can get a drink there, but it’s also a place to hang out and talk to other people. The friendly staff and warm atmosphere make for a great and unforgettable customer experience.

Bubble Tea Park Royal often has great deals and sales that make regular customers even happier. This shows that the company cares about its customers. This smart move not only keeps customers coming back, but it also brings in new ones who want to try a lot of different tastes at low prices.

When it comes to food and culture, Bubble Tea Park Royal is a big deal. It gives a sophisticated experience that goes above and beyond the norm. Bubble Tea Park Royal is a great example of the bubble tea community’s ongoing success. They keep coming up with new ideas and making people happy, leaving a lasting mark on the world of bubble tea events that are always changing.


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